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08-10-2020 - The party was low on beer and chick-free. So Dex & Cypher decided to try something new...cock! Dex worked Cypher's pole better than a high class hooker and he moaned and groned while he thrusted his meat up Dexter's pretty ass! Bet these two will be doing this again soon!
08-10-2020 - Mackenzie was ditched by her friends at the bar where we were playing pool. Lonely and hot, we easily got her home where we asked if she would let us sink our 4 balls in her pockets. She didn't want to play but she broke on cue as soon as we pulled out our hardwood sticks.
08-10-2020 - The dark seductress Veronica uses her lawyering skills to win cases, AND men. She handled Jack's divorce, then married him. Now she'll handle something different: Burke's cock. She's used to hearing the pounding of the judge's gavel in court, and now she's been served with a pounding cock in her shaved pussy. Today, she's waived her attorneys' fees for a chest full of cum.
08-10-2020 - What better place to find a rich lonely bitch than at the fucking mall. Cruz spotted this hottie shopping for undies in Victoria's Secret. We got her out to the car after some of my smooth talking and well she just showed us how sexually neglected she was, perhaps her old man could learn a thing about how to satisfy his woman from MILFSEEKER!!
08-10-2020 - Ken and Martin cum across a 20 year old actor on his way to an audition. He's a single, hairy, top that likes to play the field. And we'll be playing in his dirty dugout taking turns to batter up!
08-10-2020 - Now that Brad has had his anal cherry popped, he became more curious about how much cock he could take. The sensation of his ass or mouth being filled up became an obsession he could not deny! Needles to say, when Sam and Johnny hit the scene and Brad got his first look at their huge cocks, he could not wait to take these two studs deep inside of him. The pain, the pleasure...waits for you inside!
08-10-2020 - Cali, like so many other LA babes, will do anything for a litte cash and our fake-ass promises. She thought we was goin' to a big TV production meeting. Nope! We wanted to turn this little coochie out and put her face down, ass up on the couch! This ain't no green room, sucka, this here's a fuck booth! Cali finds out the hard way. But hell if she ain't a natural! This freak is a quick learner, y'all! Slap dat ass!
08-10-2020 - Shy accountant Katie Lane thought she was hired to get the books back into the black. She got into the black all right, or should we say onto. She jumped aboard and road the monstrous cocks and moaned for more. Cum watch her swallow up these big fat cocks and see her orgasms just add up!
08-10-2020 - Pretty dancer Mia had great legs and aspirations of hittin' the big time! Big was exactly what she found when the monsters of cock unfurled their mega meat and tangoed that pretty cock holster wide! Watch the duo teach Mia a new dance in this one!
08-10-2020 - Angela and Diana weren't happy with the price of the goods that John the delivery driver was dropping off, so they came up with a way to get him to come down -- by getting him off.
08-10-2020 - Thomas can't wait to get Corey back out in the field. Clay says he plays a lot of soccer and has an ass to match! With a line like that we just have to check him out. But this ass has a price and won't be had for less than $350. Worth the price for me!
08-10-2020 - It's cunning cuties gone crazy as this tasty twosome try their hand at licking snatch for the first time ever! Watch as these sexy cute sluts slurp each other's bald cunts as they have their first lesbian sex!
08-10-2020 - John and Chris catch Sophia leaving a pet store and charm her with their psychic abilities. She's soon showing off her big titties and they all agree to some hot MILF sex. Sophia's so turned on by their bodies, she proves that mature women can take a couple of cocks like a champ.
08-10-2020 - Dylan's practicing as much as possible before his final massage exam and Saki's his next appointment. When Dylan was finished it was Saki's turn. But once Dylan was bent over the bed Saki decided to give him a deep tissue massage deep in his tight virgin ass.
08-10-2020 - Get ready to spread your cheeks MacKenzee because we're on a mission of anal proportions! With hesitation, Ms. Miles prepares to take off on a rocket powered adventure that leads deep into a place where the sun don't shine.
08-10-2020 - Sweet Valerie snared the hot college lesbo hopeful Celeste while she was gettin her shop on. Back at the pad it didn't take this sweet thing long to get naked and go deep on Val! Watch us turn this sweet gal into a hot slit slurping slut from hell!
08-10-2020 - When all else fails with your pickup artistry, try bringing a Tiki God statue into the mix. It worked on Claire, who went from slapping Daniel in the face to taking his cock up her ass!
08-10-2020 - We spotted April about to get something to eat. We're gonna give her something to eat alright, a nice sausage with a side of warm cum to top it off! After this meal she'll be satisfied and ready for seconds!!
08-10-2020 - "Its different being with a woman," coaxes Rachel to shy Alexa. "OK, as long as he doesn't touch me," responds Alexa to a kiss request. How quickly they manage to change her mind...
08-10-2020 - Alexander is open to making dough, but is his ass open to a pair of cocks driving their manhood straight up his dirt road to happiness? Will he drìnk the meat-milk for the right price? Find out!
08-10-2020 - It's no secret that we've got the hottest group sex parties around. But there's no way you're getting a peek inside without the help of our tenacious cameramen! We go where only the luckiest ever tread: the all night erotic romps that leave no lady untouched by gallons of goo!
08-10-2020 - After working out together Nick and Cole try to relax by soothing each other's sore muscles with massages. But when two guys who look this good start touching each other wearing little more than jockstraps, well, you can guess where it might lead them....
08-10-2020 - Whoah! Red-haired be-freckled Jessica Dee has some of the finest knockers we've ever seen, I tell you what! And, she goes down faster than a flat tire! Thiago can't stop muttering "Yes baby, is nice, wow!" and such dumbstruck platitudes. Yes, Thiago, she IS nice. And on top of her great bod and cocky ginger attitude she has a cock for YOU to suck!
08-10-2020 - Veronica's leisurely morning is interrupted by the ringing of the phone, but the news is good; her husband is going to be delayed in getting home from work, giving her a chance to properly console Aron over being dumped by his girlfriend. They say time heals all wounds, but a bit of hot, wet pussy never hµrts, either.
08-10-2020 - Zack's on the fast track to modelhood, or so he thinks. We made sure he had his passport, told him stories of Paris, London, and Milan, but the only trip he'll be taking with us is on the Sodomy Express. There'll be a stopover on Daisy Chain Drive before we end up at our final destination.... And Everybody Gets Off!!!!
08-10-2020 - Cum over here if you're ready to watch sweet little Michelle do what she does best, get fucked and eat cum. She's a hard working whore that likes to watch us guys get all worked up watching her strip then spend our drool all over her tight pretty twat, before she takes a spooge sponge bath.
08-10-2020 - Peaches & Bambi might sound like a lame 70s soft rock duo, but really they're a pair of porn princesses that will make you rock hard. Watch them lick, poke and prod each other to orgasm, in this butthole-stretching, pussy-pounding lesbo action scene!
08-10-2020 - On this very special holiday episode of Her First Anal Sex we have for you, the beautiful ebony Eve. Eve needed to buy some CD's and we wanted to make her holiday a special one. See this sexy skank give up her holiest of hollies for some of her favorite tunes.
08-10-2020 - Ricky wanted to see how Anaconda got his name. He grabbed onto his big snake and started sucking until its hot venom filled his little mouth. Cum see this hot date and all the XXX action!
08-10-2020 - Sasha has been waiting too long for a dose of big cock. Today she is finally getting a huge portion of what she's been missing! Her bushy little pussy gets all wet in anticipation of a rock- hard rod and then cums all over when she finally gets to ride it!
08-10-2020 - Much like his gym built muscles, Rich's man meat has impressive girth, but it still doesn't compare to the Kilbasas we're gonna grill his buns with! In preparation for our feast, we marinade each others meat with plenty of warm spit, then Rich tosses our salads just before we skewer him like a mouth watering shishkabob!
08-10-2020 - Pie beta licka sisters, Cara Dee and Tammy turn up the heat and raise the roof with their lesbian lust. Booze heightened libidos lead to loose morals and labia licking fun. You wont have to lean in for this lecherous love-in, these honeys long for the limelight and will no doubt make your boner as purple as their matching tops.
08-10-2020 - Jesse is looking for a place to stay for her first semester in college. She's not sure Jordan and Tony's place is right for her. Once she had her lips wrapped around Tony's benefit package, she knew she'd found a new home.
08-10-2020 - Francesco is on his way to his first swim class. We wanted him in his speedo so we convinced him to take a dip in our ass!! He learns how to stay afloat and use his huge balls for support. Lucky him, he had 2 dick hands, I mean deck hands!
08-10-2020 - Raul is everything a twink should be, cute, sweet, and easy! Watch us lick the creamy filling out of this moist, tender twink!!
08-10-2020 - It may be tax season here in the USA, but that didn't stop Ruby from taking her luch hour as an accountant and coming to see us. She put in a great show and really enjoyed herself, which showed in the great time she posted with veteran Tim. We'll have to have her back after the tax rush is over...
08-10-2020 - Ian was just like any other twink: cash starved and willing to profit on a commodity like his ass. Well we just happened to have the money to invest! Watch Ian make a killing selling his meat on the open market!
08-10-2020 - Mysterious Maleah Kai relishes the chance to unsheath a mighty meat-blade and test her highly-honed sword swallowing skills! This Asian sex assassin spreads wide for a katana-length cock, letting the boner-blade pierce her pussy and plunge into her sweet dew!
08-10-2020 - When Alex called us she had no idea that this was the kind of modeling she would be doing. It sure was easy to get this sexy chick in the mood for some hot lesbian sex. She especially loved getting to use the strap on and fuck some wet pussy!
08-10-2020 - We found sexy little Jasmine and knew we could get in her pants. This little slut never tasted a pussy before but sure loved it when she finally did. This sexy little slut loved her first lesbian sex.
08-10-2020 - Zack loves hot weather and even hotter guys, and is hoping to find a man's man! Blake is down-to-earth, knows what he likes, and is hoping to find a guy that will blow his mind. Will Zack make Blake's jaw drop? Will Blake's mouth open even wider for something else? This week's date is hot! hot! hot!
08-10-2020 - Danyella's been dating Jerome on-line for months and she has a 9-inch secret to share with him when they meet for the first time. Jerome is open minded so it doesn't take much convincing for him to open his macho mouth or his manhole for Danyella to drill.
08-10-2020 - Paloma and Chloe are too cute to have experienced the disco era, but that doesn't mean they don't know how to get down with solid gold...gold dildos that is. Watch as they give each other a pussy pounding with not one but two dildos and then take a third in the ass.
08-10-2020 - Cruising the strip mall we found Elise shopping for a car alarm. Needing some cash she agreed to come back. After describing the monsters between our legs she wanted to see first hand! We stretched and twisted her holes one by one then dumped a load of tadpole treasure on her face!
08-10-2020 - Take a bevvy of sexy sluts and some red blooded cocksmiths and you got one wild orgy as the cum flows faster than the wine! Watch these dirty debs get their daily dose of meat at a party they won't soon forget! If you aren't on THIS guest list you're definitely missing out!
08-10-2020 - It's Mariah's last day in town and Sammie wants to make it a day to remember. They don't waste anytime picking up a blooming blonde at the local garden center. Cum watch them work up a sweat planting their lips on her rosebuds and climbing way up into her sweet pink cherry tree for its deflowering.
08-10-2020 - They must have been watching something XXX rated on their computer because some serious sparks start flying at the desk. Out of the chair and onto the floor these femme fetals fire up their dildos and go to town fucking each other fast and furious until their flames are fanned by two fierce organisms!
08-10-2020 - Sydney's deadbeat husband has a little secret. He's been gambling away their rent money and not telling her, and now they are 3 months behind and facing eviction. We offered her the chance to fuck her way out of this dilemma, and she embraced the opportunity.. with her pussy! I'll be willing to bet that this loser didn't see that one coming!
08-10-2020 - We picked up Jemini at the bus stop. She was hot, sweaty and ready to go home. Sorry, bitch this van only goes one way! That's right sugar, you're going downtown..on my dick! And you're still going to end up hot, sweaty and this time, sticky!
08-10-2020 - Madison makes her first appearance and for an 18 year old, she was not shy filling up Melanie's pussy with spit. Watch her suck it back through a straw and re-use it over and over before Melanie swallows it. You'll be amazed how much these two tiny honeys collected!
08-10-2020 - We met Katrina waiting for the bus on her way to work. She said she wanted to try new things and get more out of life. So we decided she was perfect for the GBS interview. Watch this bus stop whore get gangbanged by the GBS Squad.
08-10-2020 - Out poaching for a gullible straight bottom, we met Kidd and thought, "All kids like lollipops, right?" We decided to test this theory by giving him our two tubesicles to suck on, and it's confirmed - Kidd loves lollipops... especially big black ones that slide down your throat!
08-10-2020 - After a day of pimpin' and striking out we came upon Lucy, literally! This sweet treat wasn't shy, she knew what time it was when we explained that you have to give a little to get a little! She rode cock up and down the freeway and loved every inch of it!
08-10-2020 - Like Cleopatra of the great Ptolemy dynasty of antiquity, Luscious presents herself as an Egyptian princess. Though history tells she was a great seductress, such will not be the case in this reenactment. See Luscious encounter the ebony antics of the asp lords, the black mamba kings, the Insane Cock Brothers. Enter and witness history in the making.
08-10-2020 - Jessica likes window shopping, but we think it's a bit sad when you can't buy the things you like. So we offered her a little cash... We just want to get a little something, something, from her in return.
08-10-2020 - Ashley Blue always knew she wanted to be a cock whore when she grew up. This is one anal slut who can take a licking and keep on ticking, which is why her parents are so proud of their daughter. She gets a hard face-fucking before and after repeated double penetrations and is f0rced to gag on cocks right out of her juicy asshole. She begs for the cum in her mouth so she can let it run down her body.
08-10-2020 - Sean Wade gets picked up by two studs that shove their big dicks down his throat and give him his first ass ramming that he'll never forget. He loves getting fucked and can't wait for these cocks to shoot loads of cum all over him!
08-10-2020 - Special Massage at The House Of Adventurers !!! When Keith happens across Spika, he notices another beautiful woman shadowing her. Is it a ghost? Determined to solve the mystery, Keith follows Spika to some haunted ruins, where a masseuse works on her....
08-10-2020 - -EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES EPISODE!- Don't miss these never before seen moments with a few of our models and our gang banging guys as they do what they do best!
08-10-2020 - Our party begins pool-side where the guess can't wait to start getting wet before taking the fun inside for happy hour where they don't waist anytime tearing off cocktail dresses and diving into the bearded clams and oversized weenies being served up buffet style. (part 1 of 3)
08-10-2020 - Two of the hottest hippest buckaroos made a lust connection at our party. After a hot dip n' lick in the Jacuzzi they dove even deeper into brown town where they wrangled up some seriously sexy bedroom moves. Saddle up because these cowboys are ready to ride until they hit white gold. YeeHaa!
08-10-2020 - I heard that you were feeling ill, headaches, fever and a chill, i came to help restore your pluck cuz' I'm the nurse who likes to.... Our hot blond teen pick-me up said as she walked through the door. Lexi had been feeling a little under the weather, so Ethan called on this sexy teen with her tight body and perky tits to fuck the funnk out of her!
08-10-2020 - Queens and Gentlemen! This week's one of a kind party requires your full attention. This episode will have you on the edge of your seat as you watch Duncan have his seat violated by Jamie's pink penetration pole. Cum join the party as these college deadbeats get fucked up and fuck their college years away.
08-10-2020 - Tight redhead Madison can't wait to spread her horizons and her sweet pink pussy when she takes on two MONSTER COCKS for the very first time. Surprise, surprise, Madison opens her eyes gets stuffed in her mouth, ass and pussy with two huge cocks we found just for her.
08-10-2020 - Auston and Rocky had a great time on their date. They talked about bands, clubs, and hot sex. Then they went back to Rocky's place and fucked like rabbits! Watch them get nasty!
08-10-2020 - Time for a musclebound threeway featuring hung studs Hot Boi, Rock, and Ty. Wait 'til you see the sticky climax this hot scene ends in!
08-10-2020 - A huge cock and a tight pink pussy that's one hot combination! This babe can suck dick and take a pile driver like a champ. Watch her titties bounce and hear her moan as she cums and cums again!
08-10-2020 - All Dustin wanted was to bum a cigarette, but Adam and Derrick thought he should earn his smoke. Luckily for Dustin, sucking big cocks is his forte!
08-10-2020 - Did your mom ever tell you about the videos she used to make? Husband - Brad "Did my mom do a lot crazy stuff?" cutie - Charlotte "I like to have fun.."
08-10-2020 - Missy Stone's pretty pussy and airtight asshole both get plumbed deep and hard in this nasty three-way romp!
08-10-2020 - Johnny loves to ride bikes! Johnny loves Jane! Johnny wants to be rich and famous! See Johnny make like Jane and get ridden like a bike!
08-10-2020 - It's Audrey's job to negotiate, it's just that she usually negotiates price rather than, um shall we say - services! When we came to the open house she thought she might make a sale, but all we had in mind was parking our hot rods in her backyard. Of course we didn't buy the house, but we did foreclose on her ass! Tune in to assess this new ass fuck agent for yourself!
08-10-2020 - We need help for the church social! said Victoria. Lauren jumped at the opportunity: "Oh, I love to bake! Why don't you come back to our place and get the oven started!" "It's just so weird," said the shy cutie, "you're married and both of you have sex with honeys?"
08-10-2020 - Large and in charge is how she's takin' it, because sinful Cindy has a bit of an oral fixation. We had to give her not one, but two HUGE COCKS to fill her mouth with. But we filled more than just her mouth, we stuffed her sweet pussy and stretched tight ass with the BIGGEST MONSTER COCKS she had ever taken!
08-10-2020 - Buxom and barely legal (18+) Brandy is blessed with an unbelievable set of all-natural 36 Triple-D's - giving her nice deep cleavage that's perfect for titfucking! Her gargantuan knockers looked great all oiled up and bouncing about, and even better with a creamy layer of spunk spread on 'em!
08-10-2020 - Leah is a Brand-new MILF and we were ready to pop her MILF cherry. This lovely mama used to be a model and now she's wearing nothing but our cocks for this shoot. After we fucked this new mom we were sure to cover her face in our cum! Now strike a pose, there's nothing to it! MILF!
08-10-2020 - Jessica was into all kinds of kinky things. We managed to get her to suck our cocks and and let us fuck her holes but the real test was to fuck both of her holes! She begged us to be easy but as soon as we were both in... it was a fucking she wouldn't soon forget!
08-10-2020 - Dick and Rod are two lecherous old goats that will do, say, and pay just about anything to get fresh faced Faye to fondle them. Flirting finally freezes her fears, opens up her mouth, and her snatch to their pay for play offers. Cum and watch this hottie learn as she earns the title!
08-10-2020 - The best looking vanilla queens, always find their way to spread their legs for our chocolate Kings! These little white sluts are begging to have their cootchies pounded in The kinkiest way possible! Cum see for yourself!
08-10-2020 - Skyler thought he was stuck with the most boring vacation ever, until he found Craig the pimp hanging around at his hotel. The helpful pimp pointed in him in the direction of Tyler for some hot, anonymous gay sex -- just thing he needed to make the trip to Florida worthwhile!
08-10-2020 - Pretty dancer Mia had great legs and aspirations of hittin' the big time! Big was exactly what she found when the monsters of cock unfurled their mega meat and tangoed that pretty cock holster wide! Watch the duo teach Mia a new dance in this one!
08-10-2020 - Barra needs two things that Steve the bartender can provide: A drink and a nice hard cock to play with! The drink is quickly forgotten, as Barra drops to her knees to imbibe Steve's pole instead. Ultimately, what she really wants is that dick deep in her ass -- a wish Steve is more than happy to grant.
08-10-2020 - David is ready for the photo shoot of his life with a hot blonde stud. David is not only going to get photographed, but he's gonna get the shit fucked outta him. Lots of sucking and fucking in this episode of "His First Gay Sex!"
08-10-2020 - It's movie time as sweet slut Lexi makes pretty Lucy a star! But, before this Ginger haired slut made her way to the silver screen she had to cozy up on the casting couch and let Lexi munch her pretty red carpet! Don't miss the premiere as she has her first lesbian sex!
08-10-2020 - When we spotted Missy, we knew she would come hang out with the right amount of money offered. So we approached her with an offer she couldn't refuse, some cash and 2 healthy servings of tubesteak. Watch as Missy gets blackballed by 2 big black cocks!!!!
08-10-2020 - When Sienna dropped off a portfolio for Nicole's boss to check out, Nicole was so turned on by the petite cutie that she couldn't help but finger herself right there at her desk. Retreating into a fantasy world, she imagines eating Sienna's pink snatch and being fucked with a strap on!
08-10-2020 - Preparing for friends James and Ricki to come over, Cayden admits to Evan that she doesn't want to have sex with him anymore, he just doesn't turn her on. Cayden confides in Ricki and a plan to switch spouses is devised! Step 1: Make out with each other until they get their husbands' attention. Step 2: Become swingers!!
08-10-2020 - One of the best places to find a MILF this season is obviously...shopping! She wants to give the best gifts ever! So being Santa's naughty little elves, we helped her give a gift worth giving! HEAD! That's right, this MILF sucked her way on to Santa's good list!
08-10-2020 - This MILF told us she was a yoga instructor so we asked if she could help us to be more flexible. She agreed to come back to our place and stretch us out, but what we really wanted to say was yoganna get fucked! Watch as we stretch out this flexible MILF!
08-10-2020 - This hot little slut never opened the back door to her trailer, we were on a mission to change that. We opened up her tight virgin ass with two big hard cocks. Val begged for more as we covered her with hot semen.
08-10-2020 - Felix sucks Sue Ellen's cock and takes it WAY up his ass before swallowing Sue's hot cumload!
08-10-2020 - We couldn't have asked to meet Staci under better circumstances... She was browsing the anal porn section of our favorite video store! The horny slut loved the idea of coming back with us for some real double penetration action!
08-10-2020 - Well-muscled Latino stud Mr. Christian talks about his sexuality for a bit before stripping and jerking off for the camera.
08-10-2020 - We picked up this little slut on her way to get some groceries, we could tell this one would be some easy pickins. This lonely little MILF sure loved the cock, she was gobbling it up all day. We fucked this MILF slut in all her holes then gave her an eye full of some warm tasty cum!!
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08-10-2020 - Singapore Sakura came all the way here to burst the old myth about black cocks. Was she ever surprised when we popped out way more than a mouthful for her. Cum watch her scream for more as we deep drill her pussy into submission!
08-10-2020 - Angelica's husband is a broke fucker who owes his friend. His friend has come up with a more creative solution. Luckily Angelica doesn't mind getting fucked with a giant cock right in front of her loser hubby. It's the best sex she's had since getting married and loves taking a huge load all over her tits and face.
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08-10-2020 - Franko, Luciano and Mathis start the morning off with a three way suck and fuck session that ends with a body-drenching triple cumshot!
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08-10-2020 - When Hasel came in for his first ever gay shoot, he was under the impression he would only be "working" with one thick-dicked stud, but in fact we brought two studs to break in poor Hasel's mouth and tight asshole. He wasn't sure he was ready for this, but once the first taste of cock hit his lips he was prepared for anything!
08-10-2020 - Out playing tennis thinking its too early for hunting those hot tasty milfs, we spot Friday just walking by we ask her to hit a few balls with us, and hoping that we'll be able to hit a few hard cocks in that tight mom pussy!! A mom of 5 Kids you know this milf loves to fuck and so do we!! Cum See this Hot Action NOW!!!
08-10-2020 - Marlena and Frankie are looking to spice up their sex life, while Otto and Audrey are aroused by the idea of helping them out! Otto gives Marlena a good fucking while his wife Audrey shows Frankie what its like to dig deep into redhead pussy! Watch to find out if this will up the ante in Marlena and Frankie's bedroom.
08-10-2020 - Famous pornstar Kelly Wells visited us because of member requests and swapped spit from 20-feet high with Evelyn. Their aim was good and both ladies opened wide for juicy gobs of spit from high above. Then they let it build up on a glass table where it collected nicely for each one to lick up the other babe's spit!
08-10-2020 - Unleashed and Horny. Down and Dirty. Ruff and Tuff. Up, Down, and all over the snatch. These ladies leave no pussies unattended, and keep everything wet.
08-10-2020 - "That doesn't seem like something that would happen at a modeling agency" said this twink when we asked him show us his dick. We let the money do the talking and soon he was spreading his ass and eating cum!!
08-10-2020 - One of the best places to find a MILF this season is obviously...shopping! She wants to give the best gifts ever! So being Santa's naughty little elves, we helped her give a gift worth giving! HEAD! That's right, this MILF sucked her way on to Santa's good list!
08-10-2020 - Talk about tiny! Phoenix is barely 18 and already entering Blowjob Races in hopes of winning some money for school. So what better mix than putting her with a 42 year-old man? We found out after that he is actually 3 years older than her own dad... cool huh? Watch her take Ram's load all over her face and in her eyes!
08-10-2020 - In this hot three-for-one episode, Sara first pleasures herself with her favorite purple vibrator, then sucks off her man in the car, then heads home to have her pussy pumped while the bed springs groan.
08-10-2020 - What turns a straight man gay...a little green apparently! Peter is offered some money to have his buns split for the first time and with a little hesitation he gets buttered up and toasted until he can't remember his girlfriend's name!
08-10-2020 - Ms. Mia has lots of dancing experience but she's never done the bump and grind with two band members before so we pulled out our instruments for her to play. We couldn't wait to hear her moans in surround sound so we did the bop in the front and in the back until her head was banging to our black beat.
08-10-2020 - Ken is a professional model and escort, but we were shocked to find he had never had a HUGE COCK before! THe guys were more than willliiing to show Ken just what he's been mising out on OHHH-YEAH!!!
08-10-2020 - Drew, looking to relieve some stress and get a massage but there is only one muscle that he needs to be rubbed down. We have a curious Brandon giving Drew the full service massage exactly the way he wanted, he uses his tongue and even his tight ass!
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