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12-01-2020 - Brooke and Trent are back to take a sex drive with Regan and Ramon. Ramon's english may be broken, but his cock works fine as he drives his love sword into Brooke with the skill of a matador. Meanwhile, rocker Regan has her way with Trent's meat stick and gets worked like she's in the mosh pit. Instead of pyrotechnics, this show ends with Trent and Ramon's jizz all over the stage!
12-01-2020 - Cum see this episode's fantastic sex-capades unfold. Jackie takes it all as a couple of her buddies turn a study group into an orgy. What cunning linguists!
12-01-2020 - Tanya was trying to major in business so we thought we would show her how the world works. We flashed the cash, she clapped her thick ass! We made sure that when we parted her chocolate lips everyone passing by could see how sweet she really was!
12-01-2020 - Meet Brock and Joey. These two athletic coaches were frustrated by having to watch hot sweaty guys all day, so they decided to hit one of our parties. They arrived as friends, but we got our drag-queen matchmaker to convince them to take their friendship to the next level. Cum watch these two studs get nasty together!
12-01-2020 - Isabella is aching to prove that she has talent for these new scouts to see. Boy does she have the talent for sucking cock and getting her tight pussy stuffed with man meat, just wave a little cash in front of these greedy sluts and they'll do whatever you want!
12-01-2020 - Cynthia was out looking for a car for her sons birthday when we found her. It wasn't hard to get this hot MILF back to the pad and riding our big sticks. This MILF sure knows how to drive stick. We fucked this hot slut, then we gave her a hot load of lube across her sexy MILF grill!!
12-01-2020 - We met this little virgin pussy stud at the bar last nite serving up some foo foo drìnks. We decided we better show him how to serve a Cuban Cock Licker. Watch us ass salt his rim, shake up some cum on the rocks, pour it over him and stick a rainbow umbrella up his no gay pride having ass.
12-01-2020 - Aubrey may look innocent with a lollypop in her mouth, but she's doesn't look so innocent sucking a huge cock while her parents arent at home! Ok, maybe she still looks innocent, but if you watch how she fucks this big cock you won't have any doubt that she's a vixen in disguise.
12-01-2020 - Red and Thugzilla are both looking for a hot date and love at first site. They both also love noodles and sauce... a premonition of things to come? An innocent arm wrestling match over lunch soon turns into a sword fight as these lock eyes and find hot cock love at first suck!
12-01-2020 - Ethan, Lexi, Mika and Randy were trading houses as part of a two week vacation for both couples. Lexi couldn't help but bring her and Ethan's swinging past... which is all it took to get everybody's juices flowing.
12-01-2020 - Away on a business trip, Tate was in the mood to stretch some taint. He called an escort service and ordered something tight to his penthouse suite. He tongued and tugged until he throbbed, and then he plugged n' plowed that puckered pussy with his monster meat... And we're gonna let you peak!
12-01-2020 - Victoria has to be one of the hottest babes we have had so far and on top of that she lets a steam go that you would swear came from a high pressure hose! She says she likes to be fucked hard so we give her what she needs to explode again and again and again! Don't miss this episode!
12-01-2020 - Juliana was the special of the day and sexy Cameron couldn't wait to taste some hot clam and try out her new vibrator! Watch as this hot vagitarian turns out another virgin pussy for Juliana's first lesbian sex!
12-01-2020 - Hyde has always wanted a crack at modeling but doesn't know where to start. We tell him that we can help him get his foot in the door, if he lets us get our meat in his backdoor. Guess what happens next...
12-01-2020 - We knew Nikki would be perfect for the role of the hot blonde. But this role has a sexy nude scene so we had to rigorously audition her from every angle. When we finally showed her just how big the part she'd be playing with was, she had a really hard time taking it all in.
12-01-2020 - When he showed up to fix the clogged drain in Kayla's pool, the repairman found that Kayla had another job in mind for him -- pounding her tight snatch!
12-01-2020 - Uh oh, somebody has gotten in trouble with the law and his punishment is some hardcore first time gay sex. After being probed with a big nightstick, it was time for the offender to get into a all-male cock-sucking fudge packing threesome of guy-gasmic proportions with Officer Goodbody!
12-01-2020 - What do white sluts all have in common?? They're always up to getting a hard black jet ride from these ebony kings! Masters of taming the cooters of white sluts!! This has got to be a great talent that only they posses!! Making a mixture of the black cocks and the white pussy, nothing else comes close to it!
12-01-2020 - Nicolai wanted his six grand that Brian borrowed to buy sex from hookers. When payment wasn't given, the wife Debbie became his option (or he'd end up giving blowjobs to pay it back). Well when Debbie found out why the money was borrowed, she happily dove on (throat first) Nicolai's dick. She made hubby watch as Nicholai sucked, fucked, and blew his huge load on her.
12-01-2020 - I wish you weren't married, confides Monica, "You know I don't like men and I want you all to myself." This cunning cutie will learn how to share, and find that she loves it!
12-01-2020 - Must be scratch n' sniff because you can just smell the sex in the air as another sexy slut goes lesbo! Watch as pretty Kelli licks sexy Kimberly where the sun don't shine and gives her some damn good reasons to eat vagitarian for her first lesbian sex!
12-01-2020 - Shopaholic, Ashley, just wanted to buy a sexy new pair of bra and panties, but, Sammie, just wanted to get in them. Ashley never knew a woman could find more pleasure than a new charge card. Virgin to the woman's touch, Sammie is going to make sure Ashley gets more than she bargained for.
12-01-2020 - Jay and his 'lil buddy were fishin' for a little 'tang on the high seas and took ginger sexpot Charly along for the ride! When the seas got choppy there was more motion in this twat's ocean, with two meaty vessels ramming her pretty bay! Skip-per!
12-01-2020 - Angelica's husband is a broke fucker who owes his friend. His friend has come up with a more creative solution. Luckily Angelica doesn't mind getting fucked with a giant cock right in front of her loser hubby. It's the best sex she's had since getting married and loves taking a huge load all over her tits and face.
12-01-2020 - Twas the holiday season, and these machines gave a reason.. for making hot Jaime squeal with delight! With pistons a' pumping, and voltage a' jumping...I knew these toys had done right! For my machines were wet, as the sun had set...this pretty honey had came! Hooray!
12-01-2020 - Jake and Harry are looking into taking up tennis, (like they NEED another hobby) but they need some instruction . We decide to "hire" Alex as a personal tennis instructor. And the first lesson? Handling "fuzzy balls" and the proper forehand service. Just wait till you see her volley with two "racquets"!
12-01-2020 - Half of fucking Europe seems to be represented in this doozy of a 5 on 1 flesh rodeo. This cock drunk slut takes all the ass smackin', face slappin', hair pullin', and hole wrecking that comes her way, gets her ass played like congas, chugs a gallon of cum, and laughs! By the way Britney, nice boots!
12-01-2020 - "Do you see how bad she wants it? Do you see how she likes it?" You can...cum join Tina, Vanessa, and Darla. Get wet with them and see if your moans can top theirs.
12-01-2020 - Nina, a blazing hot 19 year old came over to meet us... two old geezers. Letting money guide her decisions, we quickly turned this intern into internal ground-round. Poking and sliding into her hairless meat mound, and choking this tiny princess with our wrinkled meat daggers, she was soon a pro at bridging the gap between the cute and old. Watch as she fucks her way through, moaning and sopping up after two ancient relics.
12-01-2020 - Woh doggies we got a smart one. You can tell she's not from California cause she's got a bit of a brain to her. The Pussy Pounding Crew had to work a little harder to jam their veins in Jayna. She's not a hooker. She's an all American babe. See this sweetheart get big dog wreaked.
12-01-2020 - It's an all out fuck fest! Don't pass it up, like you did in college. You won't believe your eyes!
12-01-2020 - When we met Aryan she informed us she wanted to become a wildlife biologist. We got a couple of land animals for her to inspect. Although these inhabitants might be a little to large for her to wrap her hands around.
12-01-2020 - The best way to find a reliable escort is to get a recommendation from a friend. Mikah came highly recommended, but his idea for seeing the town had less appeal for this client than having Mikah suck his dick, so... fuck going outside, right?
12-01-2020 - "Honey... What are you doing?" - "Hi! This is Deena." - "She told me about your piercing, the one on your cock. I came to see it." - "Ya, I found her shopping and brought her home." - "Um, well I just woke up, but O.K!" - "I've never done this before, but wow! You have the best wife ever. She makes me so wet."
12-01-2020 - There's nothing quite like watching a hot tanned babe finger her wet pink pussy. As if that's not good enough, how about watching two tanned tarts tickle their tacos till they've titillated you to total satisfaction?!
12-01-2020 - Corey was out hunting for a job when we met, and we sure had one for him! He came back to our place and sucked our cocks, then spread his ass while we pumped it raw. Best $800 he ever made!!!
12-01-2020 - Christina Agave is one sweet desert flower, and flowers may need to be pollinated, so our collection of thick-pricked black bees show up to snap this bitch's pistil, stamen and ovary with their mammoth meat before dropping some of their sticky seed to pollinate this flirtatious flower's open bloom!
12-01-2020 - Sexy dirty college whores galore! Dirty skank Katie loves having sex, and loves it best when it is with two of her guy buddies and is being watched by the entire student body. Cum see this little tramp guzzle guy gravy!
12-01-2020 - Daria and Christina might dress innocently but they're no virgins. We underestimated how naughty these hotties could be. By the time they were in a pussy stack we had to send in reinforcements. Of course we didn't spare them our rods but they seemed to like our brand of punishment.
12-01-2020 - Nothing beats the midterm blues than sitting by the pool relaxing with two buddies. Taylor and Jazz agree or did until a better thought came to mind, fucking their worries away. The only curve these two are depending upon is the curve of their cocks.
12-01-2020 - There's no escape from four times the tongues on lips, tits, ass, and pussy in one room with these lesbians. Not enough hands fit all the wet spots, but that just means more room for toys. These ladies are just in it for the babes!
12-01-2020 - Sam was looking to do some serious financial planning, so when this fiscal planner asked how much Sam wanted to put in, Sam obliged by depositing his HUGE COCK into this poindexter's tight gay ass!
12-01-2020 - The Squad has a cravin' for Asian today, and Lyla Lei is the perfect dish. The guys take her back to the studio, and share Lyla's flavors, buffet style!
12-01-2020 - Piper had just flown in from Wisconsin hoping to land an acting job. We knew if she would get in the van it wouldn't be long before this wanna-be actress was chokin' on a pole! After playing tonsil tag we made sure to fuck her good n' hard while everyone watched!
12-01-2020 - Our researcher was looking for someone freaky for love of the battery driven variety! But, Desiree got much more than that when we introduced her to the thrillhammer! Watch this slut get some DC action!
12-01-2020 - We were in the mood for Asian, but instead of General Tso, we got some Tia Ling! This eastern hottie had a tight body and a tight ass to go along with it. We knew we needed to break in her sample-sized asshole so we spread open her tight puckery anus and plunged a thick meat rod in it! It didn't take long for this anal virgin to take an DP ass fucking like a pro!
12-01-2020 - Kelly responded to our add for a model. As soon as we started our meeting it was clear that she had a lot of potential... as a perfect fit for our fat hard cocks. She had no problem showing us her lingerie model body. In fact, she had no problem letting us see all the things it could do too... As long as she got paid!
12-01-2020 - If you've ever fantasized about what naughty babes do at a slumber party you won't want to miss this episode! Two blondes do some heavy petting until a siren redhead joins them and the strap-on fun begins. Watch them ride the blue plastic dong until their pink pussies turn arousal red.
12-01-2020 - It was easy enough to lure J.T. back to our studio with the promise of easy money, but even easier to get him to prove his desperation for the job by opening up his tight twink-gina for some hot man-pole!
12-01-2020 - "My boyfriend keeps trying to push me into sex with him but I'm not ready yet" said Paulina "I've never tried it with a guy before" she continued, "Well,how about with a babe?" asked Michelle, "that's a different story...."
12-01-2020 - What do you mean you have a surprise for me? asks hot wife Devon Lee just before Marcus brings in sweet teen tennis phenom Alanah. This doubles couple wastes no time in returning serve on this bubbly blond athlete, as Devon licks her pretty pink pussy before letting Marcus return serve and showing this teen his stroke technique with his huge cock!
12-01-2020 - Relax, we'll take good care of you, Lexi reassures Jessie. And indeed they do...
12-01-2020 - It's Mariah's last day in town and Sammie wants to make it a day to remember. They don't waste anytime picking up a blooming blonde at the local garden center. Cum watch them work up a sweat planting their lips on her rosebuds and climbing way up into her sweet pink cherry tree for its deflowering.
12-01-2020 - Myles loves finding other men to fuck his wife! Nothing gets him off like a strange dude servicing his lady, and this time he's got the perfect ringside seat! Our cameras capture all the action as musclebound John plows the lovely Satine into the mattress!
12-01-2020 - "Special friends" Maya Hills and Rachel Starr have come together to take on a huge spanish bayonet! Marco is going to take a stab at satisfying these sexy ladies by stuffing his sword into all their holes. By the sounds of their moans he seems to be succeeding!
12-01-2020 - MILF CeCe hired her son's friend, Joey as a personal trainer. She remembers how turned on she got watching him play football. Now she's got her own plan for how they can burn some calories together - And get her daily dose of protein!
12-01-2020 - Copious and kinky appetites cause a rise in arousal levels as the sun goes down and the heart rates speed up. Suckin's turned to fuckin' and the moans of ecstasy are unmistakable. The thump'n and bump'n the neighbors hear isn't cumming from the stereo, it's the beat of all the boppin' goin' in the back yard! (2 of 3)
12-01-2020 - Leilani was curious about black cocks and Brad was just curious. Sylvio and Frankie are trying to spice up their life. Watch the hot & spicy fun as Leilani gets stretched wide and Frankie gets some long awaited white meat. That's just the beginning so hurry by!
12-01-2020 - Capri and Chris came up with a pretext to get their spouses to leave the party so they could get it on in private. Luckily for them, when their infidelity came to light, all their partners wanted was a piece of the action!
12-01-2020 - Derek's not interested in the mushy stuff, just wants to go out and have a good time. Latin Rex's idea of a good date is to bring the date home and have sex! Looks like Latin Rex's date idea won! Sorry Derek... looks like Latin Rex's cock is going to make your ass a little mushy!
12-01-2020 - This loser husband was in for it - he broke our televsion. Never mess with a man's television, or man's wife. But since he broke the first rule, we decided to break the second and fuck his hot wife while he watched! Payback's a bitch, and then you're fucked!
12-01-2020 - In this episode of Wife Switch a simple apology over an injured animal brings the Lees & the Delatossos together more than ever before. After gifts and apologies are exchanged the couples decide not to stop there! Instead they pay homage to their hµrt canine friend by marking new territory on each others' wives in this four-way doggy style gangbang!
12-01-2020 - Take a bevvy of sexy sluts and some red blooded cocksmiths and you got one wild orgy as the cum flows faster than the wine! Watch these dirty debs get their daily dose of meat at a party they won't soon forget! If you aren't on THIS guest list you're definitely missing out!
12-01-2020 - Nathan is about to unseal his virgin asshole and take his first cock...unfortunately for Nathan, his anal hull is about to be breached by Johan's uncomfortably huge meat missile! Yeah, this may only be corporate warfare, but its just as hard, fast and painful as the real thing...especially when it comes to stuffing a first time gay asshole right down to the sack!
12-01-2020 - Jamie is happy to be here, showing the world what she can do with her mouth. She loves giving head and her technique would appear to back up that claim: getting Tim's cock all frothy with her spit so he can cover her with big shoots on her face and in her mouth. For a lady that's only been with 9 guys outside of the porn biz, she sure has learned quickly!
12-01-2020 - Apparently, you can't tempt young girls strolling down Mulberry Lane with candy anymore. You need crisp Jackson's, and lots of them! Then she'll be down for gigglin', wigglin', and pussy ticklin'. A few more Jackson's and an old fashioned fuck frenzy is a sure thing. After all, this chick has student loans to pay off!
12-01-2020 - Jeff was a sexy beast! When he said that he was bisexual and had never had a cock larger than 6 inches our hearts raced! Once we unzipped he couldn't keep his mouth off of our cocks! We made sure to fuck his tender, cute ass hard!
12-01-2020 - In the world of porn, there are asses, there are nice asses, and then there's Alexis Texas' ass, which is so far beyond nice that it takes the light from nice 3 years to get there! If you can watch this scene all the way through without blowing your load... well, then you must have ED, my friend.
12-01-2020 - Riley was living as a student on Mom & Dad's money, but her allowance wasn't enough to support her shopping habit. So when she met these two horny rich geezers, she was willing to do whatever it took to get to their wallets, even if it meant putting out some of that tight pleasing pussy!
12-01-2020 - Tristan sure didn't seem the gay type at all, but after a very heated debate on the subject, he was willing to try a cock up the ass. There is no doubt about it here folks, this is a hot man on man episode with everything you want to see. Watch these cute gents sample one another. Wink! Wink!
12-01-2020 - Hung ebony brother Xplicit lives to settle his superb shaft balls-deep into some spicy Latina pussy -- so when he meets the magnificent Maria, he pulls out his slab of sin to let her have a taste! What this fool didn't know was that Maria was packing a stubby surprise -- but Maria was wet and willing, and her alluring anus looked so good and tight...
12-01-2020 - This gathering is all about chicks and dicks, cocktails and cocks. These ladies want to clap some booty and get direct with the dick sucking at the phallus palace. The party pussies are ravenous, and since the hors d'oeurves never showed, meat sticks are on the menu and being served up warm and hard! (1 of 3)
12-01-2020 - Jordan was on his way to the gay getaway in the woods where clothing is always optional. He has had no luck trying to find big cocks. We are more than happy to let him take a chop at our wood. He found that our tree trunks are the best to hug!
12-01-2020 - I love seeing how far I can stretch my shithole! Plus it's kinky knowing that so many porn ladies can't do anything close to this, so that makes me feel extra good. Don't you like how I double-stuff my own ass then suck off the toy?
12-01-2020 - On a hot summer day Kia and Celeste decide to give Nikki some pool side poontang lessons. Since it's Nikki's first time she needs some extra help reaching her deep end. They start by teaching her the breast stroke then they cool off inside before getting real wet muff diving.
12-01-2020 - Unbeknownst to her husband, Candi has been working by day as an escort. We had already paid her when her husband arrived and discovered her secret. Well we weren't going to be ripped off, so we got on with business and let him watch! Perhaps she should seek a new career as a porn star!
12-01-2020 - Jake was a sexy latin twink who was a hard up for cash. He haggled like a salesman, snatched his cash like a bitch and we fucked him so hard it was enough to turn his brown eye, blue!
12-01-2020 - With a fetish for all things cute and fluffy, pretty Holly came to us for a cure! Enter "The Deliverance"...A wild fuck toy sure to make her squeal! Will pretty Holly's tight little twat take the pounding? Tune in now and find out!
12-01-2020 - When you're 42 years old and still look as smokin hot as this MILF does, we're guessing you still see a lot of sex action. Cheyenne's oral skills are top-notch and her quarter-century of practicing dick sucking are finally about to pay off. She chose a guy cute enough to be her son and went to town on his cock, doing anything to make him pop in her mouth so she could eat it.
12-01-2020 - Sweet little Candy came from Germany in search of the biggest, hardest cock in America. She got more than she bargained for with Sweet Daddy Bigmeat's giant anaconda. It's a bi-lingual fuckfest as Candy gets her honey pot filled and covered in cum. Ya, das ist gut!
12-01-2020 - It's been rough, finding a huge cock virgin. Could we have fucked the entire community? Our luck began to change when we saw Kaleb. This cute one had to be our guy. Turns out we were right, check out his expression when he tries out his first huge cock!!
12-01-2020 - these sultry butt lovin sluts are lappin it up and lovin on each other as the twin titans of ass usher monster cocks into the valley of anal. Don't miss any of the close up pounding, moaning and explosive cum shots as these lively chicks get basted in batter
12-01-2020 - Meet bodacious breasts Bailey! This Very sexy momma was out minding her own business when the seekers sought her out. Seemingly very tame, and well behaved this classy gal came back to the lair to answer a few questions for our mock-u-mentary. Realizing she had two very horny studs in her midst she took the bait, and got down on some huge cock!
12-01-2020 - Are you ready for a gun show? Because after a nice long workout and run we've got a couple of dream boats that are hot to show off their gunboats. Stripped down and slathered in baby oil, they're both getting a 'hard body' for each other... It's only a matter of time before 'flex' turns into 'sex.'
12-01-2020 - Two great things that go great together...Val and Vag! And trollin' round the carnival with Gina, Val offered up a new ride that was definitely an E-Ticket! Watch Gina ride some bearded clam and lap some hot tuna lesbo style!
12-01-2020 - When we saw Etalia's huge mom melons we knew that we found our next piece of MILF ass. She was looking at bicycles for her kids so we peddled a line that got her back to our pad where we played a game of show me yours and I'll show you mine. She really made the grade though when she grabbed our joysticks and suggested that we join in a multiplayer game of slap and tickle.
12-01-2020 - Men who work out together get down together! These two handsome hunks will wet your whistle while blowing each other's horns! They play each other like violins and crescendo into orgasmic ecstasy!
12-01-2020 - Sophia seemed shy as a mouse, but when she saw our huge meat probes, she pounced like a cat! She even gave our guys a tongue bath while we made her purr. She sure turned out to be one naughty pussy!
12-01-2020 - Tony's liver needs as much rehab as his sex life when he shows up drµnk for this episode of Wife Switch. Angie wants to be "stretched out", so Tony services her in true drµnken sailor fashion before blowing his load on her ample tits.
12-01-2020 - This was great! I had heard from Extreme Holly that this guy Jeff had a good hard cock - and you know me, always looking for fresh dick! I sucked his cock hard, then he fucked me and he put it in my ass! After he nuts in my gaping asshole, I suck it in and squirt it into a shotglass. I figured you would want to see me drìnk it fresh out of my rectum, so i did... bottom's up!
12-01-2020 - Vivacious Valentina needed some alone time grinding on two thick glass dildos, jamming one in her pussy and the other in her TIGHT ASS. She looked like she was enjoying herself so much, two big studs with huge cocks needed to jump in. These two pieces of man-meat double-stuff her with one cock in her ass and another in her sweet wet slit!
12-01-2020 - This week on the Gang Bang Squad, Sexy Sarah is seduced by the massive power of four. See our lumbering, oafish cocks show this cute lady how we get things done around here. Watch the trailer now and experience what it's like to be a member of the squad women fear most!
12-01-2020 - Dulce was sweet as sugar, and we couldn't resist wanting to get her naked and in our laps. We got her to undress for a song, but it took additional coaxing to get her to let us probe both her holes at the same time. But she finally agreed and loved it like a dirty slut should!
12-01-2020 - This mid western, big titted cute fox, fits right in with the natives of Los Angeles with her golden beach tan and long slender legs. But they must put something special in the corn where she comes from because her melons perfectly accompany the sweet meat pot she's serving up. And we already want seconds of both!
12-01-2020 - Jeremy and Neo get down for a half-hour of hot and energetic fucking, sucking, rimming and jerking, ending in two explosive orgasms and massive loads of cum!
12-01-2020 - Chastity, Kara and Mae get together to play a game of 'strip twister.' The clear winner? The rest of us, because we get to watch. The funny thing is that I don't remember tongue in pink pussy being one of the options listed on the spinning wheel back when I last played this game...
12-01-2020 - I think some introductions are in order, Johan, meet Niko's big cock...Niko's big cock, meet Johan! Johan swallows his first throbbing manly dick in this hot His First Gay Sex episode!
12-01-2020 - Envy and Markell get together for a cock-sucking, asshole-licking, ass-pounding good time!
12-01-2020 - These rowdy chicks weren't happy about getting kicked out of the club, so they decided to take their frustrations out on this guy sleeping outside the club in some hot CFNM action. These three dominant females stripped this poor dude down and humiliated him, pinning him against the chain-link fence before forcing him to jerk off for them!
12-01-2020 - Ruby Luxe is a mix of Chinese, Vietnamese, and Nymphomaniac. This tattooed Asian vixen loves to fuck and there is no stopping her when she gets a craving for cock! Tune in and watch us pound her hot Asian pussy till it's sore!
12-01-2020 - Cole needs to clean out his basement and he's got a friend willing to help him out. But Brecken's definition of a cleaning a basement is a little different than Cole's. Someone's gonna end up with broom stick in their ass, and a dirty reputation!
12-01-2020 - We were looking for a tight place to bury our bones when we found Puppy wandering the streets. We offered hm a chunk of our wads and it wasn't long before we he was taking our meat all the way and yelping for more!
12-01-2020 - "Let's take a break," said Michelle. "Okay," said Veronica. "But what about the lesson?" "Maybe I could teach you something," said Michelle. "You know... body language! Have you ever watched a couple have sex?"
12-01-2020 - College Wild Parties is going strong. In this episode we've got what you want, "REALITY"! You can't find hotter chicks who suck and fuck. Don't miss out!
12-01-2020 - What better place to find a rich lonely bitch than at the fucking mall. Cruz spotted this hottie shopping for undies in Victoria's Secret. We got her out to the car after some of my smooth talking and well she just showed us how sexually neglected she was, perhaps her old man could learn a thing about how to satisfy his woman from MILFSEEKER!!
12-01-2020 - Rub a dub dub, it's three college studs! And these beer swilling beefcakes shed their clothes quickly and explored every inch or their fellow student bodies! Watch these frat guys unleash their sweet meats and do a little anal invading for fun!
12-01-2020 - Mark was an expensive twink but a great fuck! We boned his tight ass, sucked his hard cock, and made him earn every penny!
12-01-2020 - This week we were looking for a thin, model/actress type with mile long legs. We scored Zara in one of those strip malls. They're a sure bet, for one stop shopping! And this slut was a gonga!
12-01-2020 - Sly recruited Johnny to help fine tune his workout routine. First things first, Johnny needs to get a good look at what he's working with. He instructs Sly to strip down and give him twenty. Watching Sly's toned body flex was more than he could resist.... Lesson #2: The thrust n' pump.
12-01-2020 - Samantha was almost in tears looking for her dog. She flagging us down to help her look, but we are distracted by those bouncy jugs of hers. We didn't find her dog but we did give her a couple of fat wiener to cheer her up!
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