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01-28-2020 - Jake and Veronica are pre-empting problems in the bedroom by doing what any forward thinking couple would do; bang two complete strangers, of course! Devon takes the reigns early and strips the coy Veronica nude before hubby Marcus introduces her taut hole to his magic man-muscle. This is couples therapy that never fails!
01-28-2020 - Who would have thought an innocent interview would turn into a game of "If you show me yours, I'll show you mine." Spencer can hardly contain himself at the sight of two huge cocks, and soon he's taking them from both ends, begging for their hot cum.
01-28-2020 - Singapore Sakura came all the way here to burst the old myth about black cocks. Was she ever surprised when we popped out way more than a mouthful for her. Cum watch her scream for more as we deep drill her pussy into submission!
01-28-2020 - Tristan sure didn't seem the gay type at all, but after a very heated debate on the subject, he was willing to try a cock up the ass. There is no doubt about it here folks, this is a hot man on man episode with everything you want to see. Watch these cute gents sample one another. Wink! Wink!
01-28-2020 - Starring Tristan EverHARD and Sebastian, this episode of Gay College Sex Parties is a must see. When these two twinks get a hold of eachothers stick shifts the ride never ends! Join us as we raise the roof...and our cocks at one of the hottest parties in Ft. Lauderdale!
01-28-2020 - Kamrin and Mark had a long day working out and showing off their fantastic muscular bodies at the beach. They hit the showers, and got in some bedroom cardio! These oily muscle men know how to have a good time and have the hard cocks to prove it!
01-28-2020 - Young Jennifer gets her first taste of tranny cock in this hot new scene!
01-28-2020 - Half of fucking Europe seems to be represented in this doozy of a 5 on 1 flesh rodeo. This cock drunk slut takes all the ass smackin', face slappin', hair pullin', and hole wrecking that comes her way, gets her ass played like congas, chugs a gallon of cum, and laughs! By the way Britney, nice boots!
01-28-2020 - Karmela gives London an introduction to the marvels of lesbian sex. London proves a quick study, eagerly nibbling on Karmela's clit within minutes of being kissed by another woman for the first time!
01-28-2020 - While out bird watching, Peter discovers an interesting specimen. It's a smokin' hot guy with a huge cock just waiting to be discovered! Once they are back at his place he stuffs his bird into Peter's tight nest and fucks him until the creamy finish!
01-28-2020 - Kelly Wells is as famous for her screams of pleasure as she is her love of swallowing spunk, but one thing she isn't known for is taking a cock in the slit and another in her sour second hole...which she is more than happy to do when two thick-dicked fanboys show up at her doorstep. Talk about living the dream, these two lucky bastards get to DP theirs!
01-28-2020 - College is for drìnking and getting some pussy anywhere, anytime and we don't want you loyal fans to miss out. Cum on inside loyal viewers and enjoy some drµnken debauchery!
01-28-2020 - Jenny was cute, blonde, and willing to do what it takes! Ready for sucess she jumped into the backseat. Starting at the bottom she licked her way to the top! Watch her fuck and suck the mountain of man meat to an explosive cum covered finish, on her face!
01-28-2020 - Alicia fell for the 'game show' hook, somehow, and was so enamored of the idea of being on TV that she proclaimed herself willing to do virtually anything to get the gig. Well, when you promise something like that around these guys, that's a recipe for tasting your own ass juices!
01-28-2020 - Nathan and Kyle love to play pool, only problem is they both suck a little. Things start to get boring, until a wager is made and it is not long before they are trading their pool sticks for each others dicks. Now dick sucking, here is a sport they find that they excel at!
01-28-2020 - Seems a struggling student has found a beneficent friend with a generous heart. He's willing to share his knowledge of anatomy with a youngster who's hungry to learn. In fact, she's so starved that she'll eat a monster helping of cock, but can this pint sized cutie fit this black mamba in her petite pussy? Miracles can and do happen. With a little bending and stretching, she'll be riding pole position in no time!
01-28-2020 - Adam was quivering with anticipation as Daniel eased his long, limber cock deep into Adam's ass, Adam gasping for breath as he felt the fullness of the thick dick expand his virgin canal. Adam knew his first gay sex was going to be everything he wanted it to be, but little did he know it would be much, much more!
01-28-2020 - Tight, toned, and ready to model our "clothing line" perky Tobi ended up on her back, ass a-quiverin' from the anal assault delivered by the anal invaders! Watch Assman and Throbbin venture into uncharted territory and give this honey Her First Anal Sex!
01-28-2020 - After inspecting these huge cocks to make sure they were real, Lisa wrapped her pretty lips around them to test them out for herself. Convinced that these monstrous prods were the real-deal, Lisa was ready to stretch out her little pink pussy and get fucked by these monster black cocks. One thing is for sure, fucking this bitch after these dudes got through with her will be like slinging a hot dog down a hallway.
01-28-2020 - Emma is a straight up freak for the HUGE BLACK COCK! This cock-crazed nymphette came willing and ready into our gangbang den, diving into this interracial gang bang by deep-throating four giant cocks before taking a DP that spreads this bitch so wide, it pushes her pussy and ass to the tearing point!
01-28-2020 - This hot school slut never tasted the sweet taste of a wet pussy, we were about to change that! We went back to the pad and showed her how good the soft touch of another woman could feel. Then she got fucked with a big hard strap-on like a little slut!
01-28-2020 - Stopped at a gas station, Candy, was looking for directions but Donny thought it would be easier to just show her, so he said "get in and we'll give you a ride"... and RIDE that brunette bitch we did!! Cum watch this whore get her fill of our wads and find out just how many licks it takes to get there.
01-28-2020 - Tiffany is as hot as they cum here on Gang Bang Squad. What is even more surprising is how she handles a cock in every hole! No way is this slut a prissy bitch, she loves cock! Once all of her slots have been filled we make sure to deposit our cock-snot in her pretty little mouth!
01-28-2020 - Out wrestling our way through the cold, we ran into Bruno, a wrestler who admits to being a sex fiend. We couldn't wait to see him try on his singlet, and then try out our two huge cocks! He took a double dose of dick before he was down for the count!
01-28-2020 - Bored waiting for her car at the mechanics, Kalee decides to haggle the mechanic for a lube job. After showing her how big his dipstick is, she opens up wide for him to check under her hood!
01-28-2020 - Kayla and August like em' cute n' hot and they have a few tricks up their skirts for getting naive little hotties home with them. Kacey Jordan, a mistress of Charlie Sheen, started her day getting a few head shots but she's gonna end her day getting head from a girl for the first time. Oh, did we say screen test? We meant cream test.
01-28-2020 - Wife swapping put the spark back into the Summer's marriage, so they were hard, wet and ready to give it another go. The Fire's wanted to swap with another black couple, but after one look at India Summer's pretty pink pussy...they decided to give white meat a try in a racially harmonious foursome fuck-fest!
01-28-2020 - Once again our hungry guys went down to their favorite hotdog stand where they met soccer mom Drunna. Drunna's been married for 12 years but regrets never having diddled two guys at once when she had the chance in college. Lucky for her our guys were just as hungry for MILF taco as they were for hotdogs, so they brought her back to the studio to show her exactly what she's been missing out on all of these years.
01-28-2020 - When we met Aryan she informed us she wanted to become a wildlife biologist. We got a couple of land animals for her to inspect. Although these inhabitants might be a little to large for her to wrap her hands around.
01-28-2020 - Serena said she wanted a big piece of chocolate. I happened to have a pound of chocolate in my pants so I whipped it out and let her go to town. After she was done with my chocolate stick we fucked this slut and then covered her in our own white chocolate sauce!
01-28-2020 - Starla wanted to heat things up in the big city. After talking to her online, we decided to meet in person and show her just how hot we can get her. She'd never had fucksticks as big as ours thrusting her pussy but once she got past the pain, it was all pleasure!
01-28-2020 - Miss Ryan is here all the way from the Philippines. She is here looking for the one hard thick reason most Asians beauties come to America. Her hot Asian Temple is just waiting for the sweet release that only a white cock can bring!
01-28-2020 - You know how it goes, you are standing in the keg line at the frat party and some hardbodied blonde bitch pulls out your man-meat and starts sucking down your throbbing cock! Well, when that happens, whats a guy to do but throw that bitch up onto the kitchen island and fuck her pussy til it's swollen shut!
01-28-2020 - Ashlynn lost her book bag, and our crew generously offers to help her out. Of course, our crew's idea of helping is to pay her to suck cock on camera, but fortunately, she's down with that idea in a big way. She even takes the facial cumshot like a pro... not bad for a honey who woke up that morning planning to attend a lecture!
01-28-2020 - The bachelors are chomping at the bit waiting for a slew of sultry strippers to strut the catwalk. Backstage, the nubile nymphs are showering and getting decked out for dick. The dancing draws the guys to the stage, but the stripper pole quickly takes a back seat to something more important: A hoard of horny bachelors hot for some head. (1 of 3)
01-28-2020 - See these sleek and sexy sorority sisters suck down slippery schlong. This may be by far the sexiest chapter of our ongoing mission to bring you the best College Wild Parties. See the grand finally of this sexy cum competition!!!
01-28-2020 - Kendra was collecting coins for her candy cache when she came close to the cunt-happy carpet crooners. Dick and Rob offered to buy all of the candy to free up her time for them to fondle her. She found that camp will never match the fun she had getting there.
01-28-2020 - Hot, Hot, Hot, ladies. Need there be more said? Well, it could also be added that they all have a hunger for sweet pussy that comes served in a lesbian foursome. Bon ApeTITe!
01-28-2020 - I've been looking for my cat all morning! I'm tired and thirsty, said Richelle. Why don't we go back to our house? asked Lexi. You don't have a boyfriend? Or a girlfriend? You haven't messed around with a girl? Not even while drunk, at a party?
01-28-2020 - OH MY GOD!!!! I'VE BEEN WATING TO SEE YOU! I CAN'T BELIVE IT'S YOU! screams an excited Courtney as she rushes in to hug her favorite idol...Marcus. So I guess you're a fan Marcus says while trying to catch his breath. I'm actually your biggest fan!
01-28-2020 - Lucas was just asking for it. He took a walk with 2 total strangers and went into their apartment. Then they started talking about sex and he still didn't leave! I guess this time his curiosity will cost him a busted asshole! Cause this guy took it in the ass like real queen!
01-28-2020 - Sexy Texan Carmen never batted a pretty little eyelash when we asked her to strip for her audition, but it took a little convincing to put her pretty blonde head between Sammie's hot legs! Watch Carmen go down like she never thought she would in this one!
01-28-2020 - Britney says she has a few talents..."blowjobs, fucking, and I can squirt!" but she doesn't just squirt, she soaks! Her snatch sprinkler sprays our man in the face and again all over his cock until he showers her with his own spray.
01-28-2020 - Malibu wanted some feisty twat and hot brit Renee was it! This sweet cockney slut never slid her tongue in another gals vadge but there was a first time for everything! Watch Renee go lezzer and shag the lils off of Malibu! God save the queen indeed!
01-28-2020 - Anthony is hot-headed about a loan payment that's overdue. He's ready to re-arrange the debtor's grill with his fist until he sees the guy's wife and decides to re-arrange her pussy with his cock - thereby satisfying payment owed. It's a classic tit for tat story with a twist. This blonde is firm, fine and fit for fucking. Bill collection was never this fun!
01-28-2020 - The mentor programs must be a little different in The Valley, because the young tart that wants mentoring is looking for a whole lot more - as in two hard dicks. Put the didactic materials down, because the only studying this girl is into is the anatomy of a boner. The guys are taken aback, but when the shock is over their dicks are out, up, and in!
01-28-2020 - Our friend had a late night with this Party Girl after meeting her at a local club. It took very little persuasion to get this slut back to our bachelor pad for round two. We threw a party in her mouth but we didn't CUM before dropping in on her back ally.
01-28-2020 - Beverly and Phoenix are a couple of cock-crazed cumsluts dying to see if they can find a throbbing thick dick big enough to satisfy both of them! This blonde-brunette combo take every inch of Ramon's monstrous meat in their mouth pussy and ass until the whole thing climaxes in a cum-coating celebration leaving these sweet bitches drenched!
01-28-2020 - Sexy bombshell blonde Gina is all dressed up with no place to go. Home alone with just her black beads and toys, Gina occupies her time in her own little Fuckfest. Cock stand-in hand, beads turn into anal beads and Gina takes the ride of her life solo-style.
01-28-2020 - A couple of football players are looking for a tight end. While practicing they find just what they're looking for, a cheerleader with a perfect set of pom-poms and experience in all positions. This girl has it all, enthusiasm, skill and the ability to go all the way. In fact, she's even willing to take multiple pops for the team, but we're referring to, well, you get it.
01-28-2020 - He may be an amateur but he certainly knows what he's doing. We told him that with his skills we'd definitely be able to find him a position in our company... maybe a few positions!
01-28-2020 - Lexi loves a good game of billiards, but a pool cue isn't the kind of stick she's looking for...this hardbodied blonde prefers a stupendous meat stick to push shot into her tight wet pocket! Luckily for her, Johnny has just the monumental man-tool to snooker Lexi's sweet slit into forfeiting the game and feeling the agony of defeat!
01-28-2020 - Jada drove all the way from Vegas for a big surprise; so we gave her two! Watch her sweet juicy peach take on two chocolate chubbies! These dicks are as big as her head and make her pussy cum and cum again!
01-28-2020 - Chastity, Kara and Mae get together to play a game of 'strip twister.' The clear winner? The rest of us, because we get to watch. The funny thing is that I don't remember tongue in pink pussy being one of the options listed on the spinning wheel back when I last played this game...
01-28-2020 - Cesar is a hot straight soccer player. It must have been those little shorts that made us take this cutie home! See Cesar scrimmage with 2 hard dicks! GOAL!!
01-28-2020 - Hubby David gets an old fashioned case of stage fright when the guys drop their socks and whip out their cocks. He can't go through with it, but Lexi and Cali decide to tag team Rocco's pocket rocket anyway. He gets double the pleasure and happily delivers a dual dose of ball butter for the curtain call. One cock better than two? Maybe!
01-28-2020 - We went out in search of a new turbo boost for our car and ended up finding Anna! She was one turbo mom and left work to cum help us install our parts. We checked out her undercarriage and then shoved our parts right inside. She didn't mind getting down and dirty with us and ended up covered in grease! Don't miss out on this week's Turbo MILF!
01-28-2020 - Picardo thought he was a master cocksman, adept at taking trouser snakes of all shapes and sizes, long, short, thick, thin....but Picardo had never faced a goliath the likes of the colossal cock Ricky has trapped in his trousers! It took alot of huffing, puffing, pushing and lube, but Ricky finally broke the barrier of Picardo's puckery pleasure shoot!
01-28-2020 - When we saw that Daniel was desperate enough for cash that he was playing violin on the street we knew he would be an easy catch. We negotiated a price for his ass and then taught the twink how to make a living!
01-28-2020 - Once Sam heard that Jeremy could suck his own cock, he wanted to see him do the trick with his own two eyes. Along the way to proving that he can polish his own knob, Jeremy demonstrates that he's no slouch when it comes to blowing someone else, either!
01-28-2020 - Kayden is looking for a donation for the cutie group home; we'll give a donation into her deposit box!! This sexy Bad lady is ready to cash in and so are our hard cocks!! cuties for Cash!! Cum and get em!!!
01-28-2020 - We hired Brian to tend bar at our party but it's Christian who wants to give him a raise. Brian took him into the back office to verify his license to blow then served him a stiff cocksicle. Watch as Christian opens his mouth wide and slurps up every last drop of the shot Brian pours down his throat.
01-28-2020 - Breanne catches Jenna in the act of shooting some naughty video of herself for her boyfriend to watch. Helpful soul that Breanne is, she offers to join in the fun to ensure that Jenna's boyfriend gets one hell of a show!
01-28-2020 - Lee's new wife wanted to surprise him for his birthday, so she decided to give him something he really wanted...his best friend's wife! These hot wives decide to swap spouses in hardcore swinger sex that begins with the girls titillating their twats on huge music-powered OhMiBod vibrators before letting the boys have a turn at their pretty pink pussies.
01-28-2020 - What's a party these days without a little ol' fashion buttfucking? That's exactly the kind of hot action you'll find at this week's exclusive gay college sex party. Cum watch as Enzo hooks up with Jeezy, and see them do wild things to each other as the whole party cheers them on! Don't miss this one!
01-28-2020 - Hola! The guys are going to Mexico and want to learn some spanish, so they hired a private tutor. However, it's the guys who teach the tutor something...like how to deep throat a huge burrito and stuff a taco!
01-28-2020 - As soon as Mateo showed up for his first BIG COCK shoot, Johnny was immediately sizing him up to see if Mateo could handle what Johnny was packing! When the shoot finally started, Johnny couldn't wait to drop his cock balls-deep into newcomer Mateo's fresh ass, and drop his big boner is exactly what he did!
01-28-2020 - Welcome to a very special Porn Star edition of Blowjob Races!!! We proudly bring you 2 of our favorites- Amber Rayne, facial princess and Jack Vegas a true cum king! The odds are in their favor, not only have they both been in the industry for years they've worked together a few times too... Tune in to find out if these favs will be our next champs!
01-28-2020 - We met up with Jordan on his lunch break and he came back to our pad for a round of pool. He made a cash bet, but didn't have any cash to pay us, so we gave him an alternate. He was pretty damn good with balls and a stick, too... for a straight boy!!
01-28-2020 - "What baby wants, baby gets!" is Sammies motto, and rightly so when sexy shutterbug Abbey caught her eye! This amazon hottie was all business until Sammie showed her how fun munching rug was! Don't miss all the blonde on blonde fun in this one!
01-28-2020 - Ever had a "spitarita"? It's exactly like a margarita only with spit. Yum. But don't just jump right into that, say the babes. Get naked and warm up the juices, swish and slosh until you're all awash. Then decide on a suitable vessel, in this case - a large margarita glass. Hold the lime and salt, but don't forget two double shots of Spitron!
01-28-2020 - Can he live up to his name, Mr. Amazing? He's off to a good start when he tells us that he's a fully versatile bi-guy. He's only 20 but he's no virgin... However, he's never had a HUGE COCK, let alone TWO! After he sees what we're packing, we can't help but ask 'who's Mr. Amazing now!'
01-28-2020 - There ain't nothin' like finding fresh cute wannabes on the streets of Los Angeles. Yazmene was just another back alley slum skank before we worked her over, ho-style! First we dangled the promise of stardom over her nappy head. Then we dangled our wangs right in her desperate face! We popped a bubbly bottle of cock on her cheek and she learned that there's only one way to make it outta the 'hood. She's movin' on up by goin' down!
01-28-2020 - Winner of numerous awards including "Dirtiest honey in Anal Porn" - "Best Oral Sex" and "Best Group Sex Scene" you'll be thrilled by the non-stop sucking, deep hard fucking, XXX anal, double penetration interracial sex action that only Ms. Cindy Crawford is hardcore enough to try with 5 of the biggest cocks in the biz!
01-28-2020 - Jessica likes window shopping, but we think it's a bit sad when you can't buy the things you like. So we offered her a little cash... We just want to get a little something, something, from her in return.
01-28-2020 - Johan was in for a surprise when he showed up for this shoot and spotted the size of the cock that Johnny Maverick was packing...but give Johan credit, he was more than willing to swallow every last inch of Johnny's cock in this hotter than hot first huge cock episode shoot!
01-28-2020 - We found this sexy slut looking at toys and we couldn't help wanting to give her OUR toys to play with! But these toys aren't for little honeys... cum see if Jazmine can play with two super soakers at one time!
01-28-2020 - Carol and Yaiza catch a thief in the act of robbing their apartment, and the negotiations begin: How can he persuade them to not call the police? The answer is in his pants... and I'm not talking about his wallet.
01-28-2020 - Today's challenge pits a big boobied MILF against a flater-chested cutie. Will the old cumslut's years of cocksucking experience help her or will the energetic appeal of a cute mouth prevail? Let the amount cum received by each whore decide!
01-28-2020 - When we met Knock Off, we thought we'd been knocked out! We had to get ourselves a piece of that. When we offered up an ass-thumping good time, we said he might like it, but we were wrong - he loved it!
01-28-2020 - When Ally agreed to let a stranger use her cell phone, she probably didn't think it was a prelude to being fucked by four guys at once -- but she sure rolled with the idea once the zippers were down and the cocks came out! If you think Ally starts out looking good, wait til you see her with multiple loads of jizz on her pretty face!
01-28-2020 - Here kitty kitty! We found Tray down and out and searching for his lost cat. We saw this as a solid opportunity to have our big dogs chase that butt pussy. After spelunking his ass cavern we blew our fat loads of creamy knob nectar across that sweet twink face of his. What a piece of ass!!! MEEEOW!!!
01-28-2020 - It's always the wives that get things started when two curious couples decided to swap spouses and become a foursome of fuck friends! Mia and Sue swap spit and get to know every inch of each other's hot bodies before they swap hubbies and get their vertical smiles ferociously fucked by two colossal man-cudgels!
01-28-2020 - Lexi's extravaganza continues with tangled bodies and sex craved hotties. The ladies take the lead as Lexi sips champagne and orchestrates a game of "name that cock." The ladies wait for their blindfolds and assume the position. Will they perform the famed squat and gobble? Stay tuned. (part 2 of 3)
01-28-2020 - Janessa and Suki are winding down after yoga class when Suki drops a bomb: she has been helping out lonely girls with their sexual frustration by lending them her boyfriend. Janessa asks if Suki has ever tried joining in... and you can probably guess where the conversations leads from there.
01-28-2020 - We found Krysty is the park and were excited when she was interested in helping us with our "big" movie. She even understood the importance of "raw" talent! Her talent was raw alright, but not nearly as raw as her pussy when we were done! No more little dicks for this big slut!
01-28-2020 - Justin was at the park relaxing when we showed up and asked if he'd ever had a huge cock before. He hadn't so we changed that. We fed his crater a double dose of our ebony smoked sausage and drizzled dessert all over his chest!
01-28-2020 - Ricardo is half Italian, half Puerto Rican and 100% sexy! He claims that he's never dipped his stick in the team pot, but we hope to change that. Thinking he's just our new cameraman, Ricardo has no idea we want to make him the star. If we get our way POV is going to get real personal with this crew.
01-28-2020 - More baby more! cry these four blonde honeys. Eating each others' sweet sticky snatch just isn't enough, so they bring out their toys and take it to the back. Sink in to this hole pounding pandemonium and watch these girls drip their milky nectar as they cum again and again.
01-28-2020 - This sweet cutey just needed a tiny bit of cash in order to catch the bus home. Well how about a lot of money for a different kind of ride? Hop on our band wagon for a bone-in blonde treat sandwiched between our loose meat. Grab a napkin because this episode is so JUICY you'll have to wipe off!
01-28-2020 - Breckin was a little shy, but Nick offered a helping hand when he saw that Breckin had popped a painful boner. One thing led to another, and what had started as a friendly gesture quickly became a party spectacle! With all the shit stabbing going on, who could help but get turned on? Cum join in the schlongfest!
01-28-2020 - What gift do you get for the person that's got everything? Their very own orgy! We've stacked the deck with smokin' hot babes ready to get naked and get nasty-- right in front of the whole party! Passions run high as the groping turns into raw, steamy penetration and full on group sex! It's the perfect way to let off steam... and fulfill your wildest swinging fantasies!
01-28-2020 - They're back and they have a plan. They're gonna stick it in slowly, then they're gonna work it out, then work it in, then work it back out slowly, then work it further in. Gabriella wanted to try our big black cocks, but she had no idea they were going to be this BIG...... Open wide, wider, keep going.
01-28-2020 - No banal Anal here as our fuck frenzied cum sluts get ass hammered until they scream. You won't want to miss any of this stunning hardcore butt busting action as these dizzy Dams drìnk up cumload after cumload of the mighty man juice
01-28-2020 - Irina, with her Russian accent and can do attitude, was a perfect canidate to model our tennis racket. Of course we needed to take the hardware for a test run. So we put her to the test and fed her our flesh racket and bounced the hairy balls off of her tight ass!
01-28-2020 - Carol and Yaiza catch a thief in the act of robbing their apartment, and the negotiations begin: How can he persuade them to not call the police? The answer is in his pants... and I'm not talking about his wallet.
01-28-2020 - Johan and JP wanted to perform as racy extras in a drag show, but when asked if they were comfortable showing off their bodies, they had to prove that inhibition was not in their vocabulary! Soon after taking their clothes off and revealing their rippling muscles and big cocks, they couldn't help but sample a taste of each other's massive man-meat!
01-28-2020 - Aloha from Lana. She's half Hawaiian, half Filipino, and all fun! She's only been a paid Asian fuckslut for 2 weeks and clearly she's a natural. We'll simply say that she really likes her job, and she's not afraid to try new things.... and leave it up to you find out the rest!
01-28-2020 - While listening to music on their MP3 players and mobile phone, these hot bitches decide to hook up their OhMiBod, Naughtibod and Boditalk vibes to pump up this all hottie party. After pounding their wet pussies with the musical buzzsticks, these first time lesbians go diving into their sweet slits in this hot lesbian lick-fest that gives a new meaning to the term mobile porn!
01-28-2020 - Looking for hot party action? Look no further! This week we have another cum-dribbling, butt-fucking marathon for your enjoyment! Ecstasy and Corey are eager to get the party started, and they don't mind a bit if the crowd watches! Watch these hung ebony boyfriends provide some hot x-rated entertainment for the cock-hungry crowd!
01-28-2020 - Preparing for friends James and Ricki to come over, Cayden admits to Evan that she doesn't want to have sex with him anymore, he just doesn't turn her on. Cayden confides in Ricki and a plan to switch spouses is devised! Step 1: Make out with each other until they get their husbands' attention. Step 2: Become swingers!!
01-28-2020 - Our charitible organ donors gave this pop diva something to sing about! Offering up a heaping helping of man meat, these two made this princess squirm, shake and squeal! Watch V and Joe resize Rachel's pretty ass for her first anal sex! Oops, we stretched it again.
01-28-2020 - A serial rapist plagues a suburb. A rumor abounds that this is the work of supernatural f0rces. Akitoshi is a dude no different than any other student. One day, he spots Ai, a chick that he has never seen. However, everyone says that she's been here for a long time...
01-28-2020 - Kiko and Dominik are a couple of struggling DJ's who are about to turn more than just tables. With the offer of some serious cash to have first time gay sex right then and there, these gay virgins waste no time in getting their meaty cocks into each others hungry mouths.
01-28-2020 - Renae is chilly and needs some warming, but watch out because she'll become Kilauea in no time. After a warm up balcony booty bounce, she goes inside without even dismounting and continues a ravenous romp that is rarely repeated on camera. If there were a panel of judges, she'd get ten's across the board for this not to be missed performance. This is a first rate fuck fiesta!
01-28-2020 - Welcome aboard the SS Poontang for another seaward fuckfest with our czech cocksmith and his lovely prize Nicole! This pretty surf slut was ass deep in czech meat and moaning like mad the second we cast off! So don't miss a second as Jay drops anchor in this slut's lagoon!
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