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05-25-2020 - After tapping the keg a few times Lee fancied the idea of tapping something else...namely Dakota's tight ass! These tipsy cuties went right to work heating this party up as Dakota played a little "hide the weasel" with Lee's meaty member! Check out this wild party now!
05-25-2020 - Trollin' for tarts to stick her tongue (and other things) into, sexy Sasha caught pretty Carrie and went right to work! Watch this model wannabe switch from cock to twat as she tastes Sasha's pink taco for the first time ever in this episode!
05-25-2020 - I'm introducing my buddy Max to my favorite past time. Givin' ladies a BIG COCK for the first time. It took $400 to get Jennifer started, but when Max went to bat she became the cock hungry HO' we know you guys like!
05-25-2020 - Naughty Tatiana did things nice ladies never did...like getting rides from strangers! This curvy slut took the squad's man candy like a good little lady and stretched that little pussy wide as the gang gave her some simultaneous lovin! Donnnng!
05-25-2020 - Downhome cutie Paige was in town for a little fun and met up with our horse-cocked heroes to give her a few riding lessons! Well, when black cock met white ass yee-haw wasn't the only thing she was screaming! Watch these black cocks turn her tiny twat into a wide open range!
05-25-2020 - Join this fingerfucking foursome in their search to hit white gold. To fulfill their longing they strap on some fun and ride each other until they strike it rich!
05-25-2020 - Joey is looking for a place to stay; he finds one quickly, but there was one long, thick, penis-shaped string attached: instead of paying rent, he has to offer up his tight little ass for Tomm to plow with his massive cock!
05-25-2020 - Pack a room full of bare willing bitches, big hard dicks, fuck-friendly fur rugs and you get one hell of a boner bangin' orgy! Watch this bevy of beautiful bitches turn into a selection of semen-starved sluts who fuck and suck down cock until they are sprayed with mountains of man-goo!
05-25-2020 - It's the three B's of good college partying: Beer, Buddies, and bonin'! These three jovial cock hounds kicked the party off and made a sweaty meat sandwich, spelunking massive cocks in their cute little mudholes! Watch these tight studs party hard!
05-25-2020 - When we encountered this sexy little hoodrat strutting that black booty of hers down the street we knew it was our duty to put some white in her. All we needed to do was feed her a few bullshit lines about how we could make her into a big T.V. star, and we got her in the car. She was willing to do whatever it took to get the part, including opening up her blackbox to some strange white cock! Kapri got the part of course, in our porn movie!!!
05-25-2020 - MacKenzie isn't so sure she's ready to share her hubby of 3yrs, but agrees to do it so he can fulfill his greatest fantasy. What a surprise she's in for, when they meet the other couple only to find out that her husband and the other woman had a fling in college!! (But that doesnt stop MacKenzie from having a romp with her too!)
05-25-2020 - Hunting for live cuties to skewer, we found Mariah heading to a job interview. Little did she know, we already had a different kind of interview lined up for her, with great pay and plenty of 'positions' to try out. So she eagerly went to work immediately, starting with our cocks!
05-25-2020 - Screw men! Who needs those jerks. That's Hannah's motto, and luckily she found Marina who shares her Women First credo. Hannah is ready to take this new philosophy one step further, fully naked and with plenty of vibrators. But Marina isn't into girls like that, or so she thinks. Hannah has a few wet tricks up her panties.
05-25-2020 - With his usual partner Sam on vacation, Johnny needed a well-hung stand in. One look at Joao's meaty member, and Johnny knew he'd found his man.
05-25-2020 - Daria's boyfriend sent her Mia as a surprise gift. Daria is not a very patient girl, so she couldn't wait to unwrap her new gift and play with her -- as well as some other toys she had lying around. Watch these two lovely ladies make each other cum nice and hard!
05-25-2020 - G stood for GADDAMN! as San Fran cutie Tyra showed off her mouthwatering dynamic duo! And, as we ran through the rest of the alphabet trying to describe her mocha monsters, Mr. Vegas played sherpa topping off her magic mountains with some dirty snow!
05-25-2020 - Why bother surfing the web looking for the porn that has exactly what you want to see, when you've got the money to pay a couple of sweet things to put on a show right in your own bed? If you can't do that, this 'daddy Warbucks' can, and he loves to share!
05-25-2020 - Tricking out a twink is as easy as teasing him with tales of runways and photo shoots. Wes was suspicious as soon as we suggested he slither out of his shirt and pants but he soon sucCUMbed to the scratch we offered him to strike a pose on our producer's prominent prick. Twinks, they cum for pay but stay for hot threeway play!!
05-25-2020 - Trollin' for tarts to stick her tongue (and other things) into, sexy Sasha caught pretty Carrie and went right to work! Watch this model wannabe switch from cock to twat as she tastes Sasha's pink taco for the first time ever in this episode!
05-25-2020 - It's starting to get dark but the honeys we hired for this bachelor party are just getting started. They're pulling out all the stops to show each other up, and get all of us off. This menagerie is complete with acrobatics, babes bang'in bottles, a 4-way fuck chain and even some anal action. (3 of 4)
05-25-2020 - Our home boy "Ty" was feeling bummed out because his car was on its last legs. Luckily out of the blue, a kindly mechanic came to get him out of trouble. He insisted on checking Ty's vital fluids... again, and again, and again.
05-25-2020 - Copious and kinky appetites cause a rise in arousal levels as the sun goes down and the heart rates speed up. Suckin's turned to fuckin' and the moans of ecstasy are unmistakable. The thump'n and bump'n the neighbors hear isn't cumming from the stereo, it's the beat of all the boppin' goin' in the back yard! (2 of 3)
05-25-2020 - On the prowl for some fresh meat, we have this green eyed stud muffin Miguel just hanging around, that's a big sign telling everyone to scoop him up. Will they get a straight man massage with a happy ending? Or will they get the cold shoulder?? Place your bets and let's go!!
05-25-2020 - I've never heard anyone break up with a boyfriend like that, said Lexi. Have you ever been with a woman before? Christina: I guess I've thought about it. But my parents would kill me if they found out! Don't worry, said Lexi. We won't tell!
05-25-2020 - Angel has some HUGE FAKE BOOBS, and we mean that, these things are massive! As soon as Kris spotted them he knew that he needed to oil those babies up and sandwich his huge cock in between them, fucking those titanic tits until he sprayed his sweet man load all over them!
05-25-2020 - We've paired a couple of delicious devils up with a couple of amiable angles. These hot hellions put our scintillating saints in their place by binding their hands with some pretty pink tape. Then they poke and prod those pie-ous pussies until everyone's praying for more, More, MORE.
05-25-2020 - Roses are red, violets are blue. Our dicks are hard, and soon yours will be too! Brooke doesn't waste anytime babbling, she likes to go straight to the source where a gusher awaits. But first, her assholes gonna get damned up with one huge cock.... and a few fingers too! Stream the best of anal porn now!
05-25-2020 - As soon as we caught a glimpse of Alicia's massive black rack, we were determined to bring her back to the studio for one of our patented "auditions"! She liked the sound of $800 cash, and liked the sound of being on TV even more, so it was no trouble getting her to show us her tits - and her serious blowjob skillz!
05-25-2020 - Brenda James' loves playing host, so when her son's friends drop by while he isn't home she invites them to come inside away from the heat... but instead of offering the two young men something to drink she decides to strip down and help herself to their cocks.
05-25-2020 - Alexia came here to us to show off her sizzling Canadian bacon rump. Soon we were all heated up and ready to go. So we fed her some pork steak then stuffed both her holes. Cum on by and watch the Canadian Style pork fest!
05-25-2020 - We met this little virgin pussy stud at the bar last nite serving up some foo foo drìnks. We decided we better show him how to serve a Cuban Cock Licker. Watch us ass salt his rim, shake up some cum on the rocks, pour it over him and stick a rainbow umbrella up his no gay pride having ass.
05-25-2020 - We met this sexy surfer guy over by the pool and we totally wanted to hang ten on his sexy ass! We crammed our fat rock hard cocks in his sexy manhole and came on his rock hard abs! Aloha baby!
05-25-2020 - Rub a dub dub, it's three college studs! And these beer swilling beefcakes shed their clothes quickly and explored every inch or their fellow student bodies! Watch these frat guys unleash their sweet meats and do a little anal invading for fun!
05-25-2020 - Emma Cummings and Riley Evans share more in common than having nice asses; they also share a hunger for cock, a thirst for cum and an affinity for the taste of ass!
05-25-2020 - "Can you believe it? I'm her boss," said Veronica. "Are you thinking about maybe moving up in the company? You know...I can't say I got where I am by working hard!" Tiffany: "I guess I'll do whatever it takes to get that raise!"
05-25-2020 - After narrowly avoiding a deadly avalanche in Colorado, Alex inadvertently stumbles into our lair of sin. He is immediately singled out by the dark and vampiric Xander, who proceeds to seduce Alex with the pleasures of flesh. Will Alex escape unscathed, or will his ass forever belong to the underworld?
05-25-2020 - Mr. & Mrs. Meyers are interested in inviting one of Mrs. Meyers' co-workers to fuck her. Mrs. Meyers, aka Aaralyn, is a sexy cute blonde who wants to fulfill a fantasy not to mention her hubby wants to see her get nailed. Cum inside & see all the steamy action!
05-25-2020 - We found this MILF slut out shopping, she was horny and ready to go back to the pad and fuck. Isabella turned ut to be one horny mom, we fucked her tight MILF pussy while she sucked a big MILFseeker cock. We gave this MILF a hot shot to the face before we sent her on her way!!
05-25-2020 - Yeah, you've been to some crazy parties in your time, but we guarantee you've never been to anything like this. We're living in the 21st century and things have changed a bit. Cum enjoy the debauchery as Alex & Griffin prove that anything goes at a modern Gay College Sex Party!
05-25-2020 - There's nothing like a hot shower after an intense workout and there's nothing like a hot mouth job while in the shower. Cum and watch what happens when these muscly mariposas dry off and really start to get wet and wild.
05-25-2020 - The pornstars continue to grace us with their presence. Today is big tittied Vivian West, looking to beat her good friend Taryn Thomas' time. The babes have bet a fancy sushi dinner on who sucks cock better, so let's see if Vivian is faster than Taryn! Regardless of the outcome, Vivian makes sure she eats her protein.
05-25-2020 - We took bland, vanilla Bailey and made ourselves a double-dipped chocolate sundae. Not only did we spice up her sex life, we penetrated front and rear! Our creamy cones slid deep into her dishes and gave not one but two scoops of cock!
05-25-2020 - Tall, dark, and blonde we offered LaRin a job modeling at exotic car shows, but of course we had to take a look under the hood and check all of her fluids first! Fasten your seatbelt, grab your shifter and hold on tight were taking you on another fast and furious DP joyride.
05-25-2020 - Dani Jo was taking a walk when he came across Jordan. Jordan was planning to swindle that pants off some straight boy, with the cute puppy ploy. I though this only worked on chicks. Luckily Dani Jo was willing to taste some dick & take it up the ass. Meet Dani Jo, master of the male organ!
05-25-2020 - It's time to play "pass the pussy" as sexy Nataly takes on all cummers and fucks anything that moves! Watch this dirty deb rock the cock as this orgy sex party goes from cool n' hip to wet 'n wild in this episode!
05-25-2020 - Dora shows up at a monastery decked out like a bride dressed in white and behaving like she's betrothed to the resident monks. All she REALLY wants is to marry her orifices to their cocks for about half an hour! The blue-balled monks unleash the fury of their heretical dorks and for benediction they anoint the slut with fountains of consecrated jizz!
05-25-2020 - David was a normal pussy lovin' guy until he was propositioned and coaxed by that dirty ball sucking Blake. It was at this point that David forgot all about the sweet punani and settled into the moist comfort and warmth of a man's lower intestine. Don't miss out on this gay virgin's debut. Butt fucking at its best!
05-25-2020 - Desiree may have fought for her country but she was more than willing to surrender her ass for some first time hardcore ass fucking anal sex. Our two good old boys show this girl their gratitude by giving this sexy vet a place to stay and a couple of hard dicks for her puckery hole!
05-25-2020 - They say that Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but Diamond Foxxx is a pretty good friend to men, too. Just how friendly is she? Friendly enough to take two massive cocks deep inside her, and to swallow every drop of the big cum loads that spurt out of those cocks at the end of the scene!
05-25-2020 - Watch the juice filled buxom blonde Briana give new meaning to the phrase "FRESH SQUEEZED!" as she is hunted to the point of extinction by the infamous, the illustrious, the incorrigible SQUIRT HUNTERS!
05-25-2020 - -EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES EPISODE!- One hot chick with a swollen clit who's ready to get fucked, four hung dudes ready to party, one hot GANG BANG! Check out why these five are always so happy to CUM to work!
05-25-2020 - "Ever been with a hottie?" "No" "Have you ever wanted to?" "Ah, that's kinda a personal question." "I know, but we're so comfortable. And Johnny, he's heard and seen it all. He's even taped us having sex. Have you ever thought about doing that?" "Your like my boss, this is weird." "Don't worry, we're really open people and outside of work is different... This won't interfere with you job."
05-25-2020 - "We've got a place right down the road," said Vanessa. "Why don't you come back and lay out with us for awhile!" "I guess I'm up for anything!" said Haylo. Husband, Lars: "She seems comfortable in front of the camera, too!"
05-25-2020 - Hopeful new pornstar Angelica Lane chose porn stud veteran Kris Slater to be her partner and they decided to do something a little different: rather than rushing through the blowjob, they wanted to finish at exactly a certain time. Kris predicted he could have her make him cum at 7 minutes on the dot. Did they pull it off?
05-25-2020 - An afternoon barbecue turns into a fuck fest when one of the couples can't keep their hands off of each other. It's just like a college whore to do WHATEVER it takes to be the center of attention... And its just like a fratboy to take it WHEREVER he can get it!! Time to make a beer run cuz we're in for some drunk college sex!
05-25-2020 - Chowin' down on a couple of burgers, a luscious specimen of sexy named Heather walked right past us and we knew that burgers wouldn't be the only thing we'd be munchin' on. Heather had no plans for the day so we cleared her schedule for the next 10 inches, whoops, I mean 10 hours!
05-25-2020 - Dirty Latina Felicia was minding her own business when she was encountered by a coupe of dirty white guys, with hidden agendas of punani pounding, tonsil tapping, and some old fashioned booty banging. This skanky muchacha got her ass piñata busted wide open. Aye! Rompistes mi culo!!!
05-25-2020 - The Lee's were looking to have some fun at the bar and they found some fun in the form of veteran MILF Nina Hartley and her hung hubby. These four hot partner swappers get down in a swinging group sex orgy that kept them fucking until last call!
05-25-2020 - One of Sophia's good friends, Shy Love, has come to town for a visit, but when it comes time for her to fly back home Sophia can't stand the idea of her leaving so soon. Sophia begs her to stay just a little longer... for one last round of hard hitting, strap-on, ass fucking fun!
05-25-2020 - Richelle is a true spit slut and it really shows! She worships the spit from Shannon's feet, huge tits, mouth and meaty pussy with total desire. Richelle loves spit dripping off a pussy into her mouth, then spitting back on the pussy to repeat the cycle.
05-25-2020 - These two sluts weren't satisfied with sharing a popsicle, so we gave them a HUGE MAN-MEAT to suck on. These girls take this giant cock balls-deep into their mouths and their tight pussies until their holes are fucked raw!
05-25-2020 - These two couples are no strangers to experimentation but this may be a little different. Watching their wives get sucked and fucked by their side could be a little distracting. Not for these pros. Cum see them heat things up to a boil!
05-25-2020 - Glauren was going door to door collecting money for a battered woman's foundation when we invited her in to receive a donation of our own. We offered triple her request if she let us beat on her throat, then we offered to double that if we could double up on her from behind! We hit her hard with our stiff contributions then deposited everything we had into her charity box.
05-25-2020 - Nathan is about to unseal his virgin asshole and take his first cock...unfortunately for Nathan, his anal hull is about to be breached by Johan's uncomfortably huge meat missile! Yeah, this may only be corporate warfare, but its just as hard, fast and painful as the real thing...especially when it comes to stuffing a first time gay asshole right down to the sack!
05-25-2020 - Party over here party over there, party on the dance floor. Move the party off the floor and give your partner a lap dance. There might not be any sex in the champaign room, but this ain't your local strip club. This is a house party so tune in and watch these stripped down dudes do the suck n' fuck bump n' grind!
05-25-2020 - Sexy pussy prowler Aurora roared back on the scene with pretty Alexa learning the ropes! This timid cutie wasn't game until Aurora stuck that devilish tongue in her tight lil' clit! Watch this sexy lezzie work her magic on virgin pussy and educate a new muff huntin' slut!
05-25-2020 - Jada was strutting around waiting for her flaky friend, when we noticed that hard body of hers. We knew we had to get our sneaky white hands all over those juicy tits. We got her hooked on the idea of getting into a movie role, but only after some QT on the casting couch. See this black beauty turn that ebony pussy loose on our "director".
05-25-2020 - Straight from the set of a recent live shoot by Pink Visual, it's everybody's favorite Sarah Palin impersonator, Lisa Ann! No parody roles or goofy dialog for Lisa this time, though; just hot, hard-driving, no-holes-barred sex with master cocksman Erik Everhard.
05-25-2020 - There's nothing Nataly loves more in life than having a rock hard cock jammed up her tight little ass -- except maybe having a hot load of cum shot all over her firm butt cheeks!
05-25-2020 - Emily: "I'd love some one-on-one tutoring... But why are you asking me about sex?" "Everyone is more open and easygoing around here, that's all," said Lexi. "Have you ever been with a woman? You know, I didn't find out I was bisexual until I was older..."
05-25-2020 - Parisian Angelique and her loving Chicano hubby were in need of IDs and some forged paper work to make themselves "legal". Unfortunately for them dumpy ol' Joe Friday was there to pull a fast one on this cute couple. Will they fall for the scam? Will Joe come through with the IDs and paper work? See it all unfold NOW!
05-25-2020 - This couple decides to ditch spending their anniversary playing downtown to instead play around with their new hot little friend, Lindsay. Just back from college this slut is more than willing to open her legs and share her pussy between the happy couple.
05-25-2020 - Kevin shows off his big stiff rod for the camera, jerking himself to a climax on film for the first time!
05-25-2020 - Drew, looking to relieve some stress and get a massage but there is only one muscle that he needs to be rubbed down. We have a curious Brandon giving Drew the full service massage exactly the way he wanted, he uses his tongue and even his tight ass!
05-25-2020 - Christina, a Vietnamese beauty who is sexually deprived from a good fuck. She came all the way to America and All She wants is to have a white American cock deep inside. So now she can thank Buddha for the chance of her life! She loves every Position cum see which one she chooses!
05-25-2020 - There's nothing quite like watching a hot tanned babe finger her wet pink pussy. As if that's not good enough, how about watching two tanned tarts tickle their tacos till they've titillated you to total satisfaction?!
05-25-2020 - A couple of football players are looking for a tight end. While practicing they find just what they're looking for, a cheerleader with a perfect set of pom-poms and experience in all positions. This girl has it all, enthusiasm, skill and the ability to go all the way. In fact, she's even willing to take multiple pops for the team, but we're referring to, well, you get it.
05-25-2020 - This sexy asian went home with us for the promise of cold hard cash! But, he had to work for it by sucking our cocks and taking 2 in the ass! Money well spent, baby!
05-25-2020 - The guys have hired a gardner to clean up their backyard. The tables turn however, and it's the gardner's backyard that gets dug up! Cum watch Johnny and Sam plow through another hot piece of ass!
05-25-2020 - Our handsome new friend might be a little bigger than average in the hardware department, but he's never wrapped his lips around a HUGE cock! Simon was even willing to skip soccer practice to satisfy his curiosity. He certainly did get a mouthful from Skylar and Bernardo both!
05-25-2020 - Beware the Dawg Power! We had our schlong dawgs out scoutin for some pimp worthy bitches when we sniffed out Stephanie. Whooof! She's a pure breed poodle & chowchow mix. We couldn't keep our dogs from stickin their noses in her ass and digging in that bone!
05-25-2020 - A late night party left over some remnants that Dick and Rod wanted to see! What better way to start the day than to have a sexy hottie come out of the back, and agree to give us some back. For a little incentive, we gave her the interview, some cash, a lotta dick, and a face full of jizz.
05-25-2020 - Our friend had a late night with this sweet treat after meeting her at a local club. It took very little persuasion to get this slut back to our bachelor pad for round two. We threw a party in her mouth but we didn't CUM before dropping in on her back ally.
05-25-2020 - These two juniors are really into each other, but it's our two guys that will soon be deep into them! Dildos are nice for a tease, but the real things are what they need for a treat. Fingers, toes and gapping holes are what makes this flesh-fest a feast only to be topped off with an avalanche of melted man for them to snowball!
05-25-2020 - Zoe couldn't help getting aroused sunbathing next to Cayden. Barely covered by her little bikini, Zoe wanted desperately to see, and feel more of Cayden's glistening breasts. Cayden let Zoe take a peek at her boobs, and both of them knew where this was going to lead... To some steamy babe on babe sex!
05-25-2020 - Aubrey may look innocent with a lollypop in her mouth, but she's doesn't look so innocent sucking a huge cock while her parents arent at home! Ok, maybe she still looks innocent, but if you watch how she fucks this big cock you won't have any doubt that she's a vixen in disguise.
05-25-2020 - Justin wants to see his face on billboards. We wanted to see him face down ass up! We had the cash, he had the face. We took the prize and left a stain on his career.
05-25-2020 - Your abs aren't the only muscles you can get rock hard, as these hot dudes do some serious mouth pumping to their cocks of steel. These muscle men push their rock hard bodies and taut passages to the limit as they put new meaning to the phrase no pain, no gain.
05-25-2020 - We found this little honey, "Georgia" trolling around the food court. Would you like a side of booty bangin' cute lady? Yes please! This chick is a no nonsense kind of skank, who doesn't like beating around the bush unless there's a big fat cock hiding in it. This blonde hussy takes it up the ass, and catches a face full of knob nectar!!!
05-25-2020 - Meet lovely Victoria, she's got the name of a queen but she ain't no lady. This hot little number had just the perfect amount of junk in that tight round trunk. For your viewing pleasure Victoria sucks and fucks like no other. Cum inside and see all the action!
05-25-2020 - Sexy Lexi was on the hunt for some hot So-Cal pussy for her music video and cutie Amber took the bait! A little tongue tango and she was face deep in Lexi's hot clam and making her squirm and moan! Watch Amber in this one as she has her first lesbian sex!
05-25-2020 - Tyrel was a meaty twink who let us lick his hot chocolate for some green! After that, we sunk our meat poles in his hot ass and pounded him like there was no tomorrow!
05-25-2020 - Is it a holiday wreath gone wrong, or a wreath delivery gone oh so right? Since it is the time of giving, jolly Johnny Maverick decided to give this doofus of a delivery boy a sprig of meat-holly as long and thick as your average Douglas fir! Johnny gives til it hurts, stuffing this delivery dude's ass-stocking until his anus runneth over!
05-25-2020 - On the prowl to make straight guys howl! This week we have for you exercise nut Wyatt and his virgin man cozy. Cum on in and see if he lets us exercise his asshole. Don't miss this men's health oriented episode loaded with great anal workout tips, WINK WINK!
05-25-2020 - Horny little slut Kylee says she just loves the attention her king sized ass brings her so we offered to film her. She stuck her round ass up in the air for us and we stuck our cocks into her doggy style and she howled for more. Cum on by and catch the show!
05-25-2020 - Sexy Sativa was on the rebound and ready for a grudge fuck! She may not mind a hot pussy pounding, but this spicy latina wasn't cool on deliveries in her rear! Watch our lone wolf harm that hot heiney and give this cutie a sore ass to remember her first anal sex!
05-25-2020 - Tristan sure didn't seem the gay type at all, but after a very heated debate on the subject, he was willing to try a cock up the ass. There is no doubt about it here folks, this is a hot man on man episode with everything you want to see. Watch these cute gents sample one another. Wink! Wink!
05-25-2020 - This threeway romp starts with some behind the scenes fun from a recent live shoot we did featuring Allie Haze, Jessie Andrews and Lexi Belle. Once the joshing around is over, though, the girls get down to some serious pussy eating, vibrator play and plenty of screaming, shuddering orgasms!
05-25-2020 - Tight-assed Tommy was in dire need of having his sphincter split by a hard homo-hammer, and Jerry knew that he was just the man for the job! Jerry goes balls-deep into Tommy's virgin mouth and asshole before basking Tommy in glorious gobs of guy gravy!
05-25-2020 - Michelle has a two car garage where she parks both her gold and silver pocket rockets. She needed a tune-up so we thoroughly checked all of her fluids. We were leaning in to appreciate her fine body work when this well oiled machine sprung her head gasket and squirted all over the place.
05-25-2020 - After getting dumped by her dude stressed out Monica needed a way to cum hard, and regular toys weren't cutting it! It was a whole new world when she straddled our wild fuck toys, as they whirred and buzzed her clit ferociously! Watch her make a liquid explosion with our toys!
05-25-2020 - Why bother surfing the web looking for the porn that has exactly what you want to see, when you've got the money to pay a couple of sweet things to put on a show right in your own bed? If you can't do that, this 'daddy Warbucks' can, and he loves to share!
05-25-2020 - Tyler and Tristan are just a couple of ass-fucking cocksuckers who love to put on a show. Oh what a show they have, plenty of stuffing and plugging to get the juices flowing! Cum join the party and see how wide they get stretched!
05-25-2020 - These college students take this party straight to tuna town. Who said that cute people don't appreciate a good education? This crew has. They are all cunning linguists.
05-25-2020 - This sweet cutey just needed a tiny bit of cash in order to catch the bus home. Well how about a lot of money for a different kind of ride? Hop on our band wagon for a bone-in blonde treat sandwiched between our loose meat. Grab a napkin because this episode is so JUICY you'll have to wipe off!
05-25-2020 - This week's hot little number is an aspiring piano player, but costly lessons are draining her pocket. By her looks, we know Samantha has better talents just waiting to be exploited. $900 later, her tune is changed and the youthful moans of pleasure and greed are music to our ears!
05-25-2020 - Sure, Veronica Rayne's 34DDs are fake, but they just look so damn good, we couldn't help but send in a big boner to cum all over them! Of course, we had to check the bounce on Veronica's big boobs by putting them through their paces with some athletic activity and a soapy, sudsy car wash!
05-25-2020 - "It's kind of exciting to know that no ones had sex in this house yet! Commission on a house like this must be at least 30 grand! That's a lot of money for a days work and a little hanky-panky!!" Marcus said to their eighteen year old real estate agent. "I don't do business that way!" she said... But this swinging couple really know how to close a deal!
05-25-2020 - Angel and Richard get off on the joys of semi-private sex; in this case, their chosen location for foreplay is the courtyard of their hotel, then it's on to the restroom to fuck their way to orgasm!
05-25-2020 - They didn't arrived together but they're going to CUM together! It's the first time they've been to one of our parties and they're eager to get down and dirty. First they yummy down on each others sausages before taking a fudge pot dip and drizzling themselves with the sweet, sweet cocoa butter.
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