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03-03-2021 - Riley was waiting for her big modeling career to start, dropping out of school to devote the time, and hoping to get the big bucks! Sadly it's not meant to happen for our little treat Riley, we are here to help her out with a few bucks and a few dicks! Check out our little dish this week!!
03-03-2021 - Sexy anal virgin Jessie was sitting down having a drìnk when we stumbled across her candy ass. This was a rare occasion finding such a tight sweet ass hole. We nearly couldn't get it in. This little tramp needed us to be tender and soft spoken with her. Not nearly as tender as we left that ruby star fruit.
03-03-2021 - With your girlfriend in another state, there's not really much to do but hang out with friends. But what happens when you get horny?? Who's there to help?? A couple of friends hanging out together, drìnking...well you know what happens after that; Come see the Friendly fuck fest!
03-03-2021 - Join this fingerfucking foursome in their search to hit white gold. To fulfill their longing they strap on some fun and ride each other until they strike it rich!
03-03-2021 - We found P.J. out on Spring break looking for something to do... so we thought we'd volunteer to let him do us! He admitted he'd never had a huge cock before, but there's a first time for everything! Guess he wasn't expecting the party to be in his pants!!
03-03-2021 - Why bother reading this when you could be getting your daily dose of big booty? This week we have the one and only Gizzelle, and she's ready to steam things up with that fresh latina ass of hers. Cum check out all of the ass worship you can handle, and see how this hussy puts the jizz in Gizzelle!!
03-03-2021 - Your abs aren't the only muscles you can get rock hard, as these hot dudes do some serious mouth pumping to their cocks of steel. These muscle men push their rock hard bodies and taut passages to the limit as they put new meaning to the phrase no pain, no gain.
03-03-2021 - Cameron thought that she was in for a simple fuck but we set her up with a real rough rider. Our guy put a tight collar around her neck and preceded to play by slapping and gagging her while going back and forth between fucking the crap out of her twat and tight ass.
03-03-2021 - Struggling musician Tamara had her car in the shop and no cash. We gave her a ride... she said she didn't play the flute but when we pulled out the skin flute her lips puckered! This nasty slut does everything and doesn't care that everyone is watching!
03-03-2021 - Draygen was on his way home from school when he ran into the Ass Professor & Kobe, who offered to give him lessons on DOD (dick on demand). After some hard tutoring HFHC style, he passed with flying colors!
03-03-2021 - Janessa and Suki are winding down after yoga class when Suki drops a bomb: she has been helping out lonely girls with their sexual frustration by lending them her boyfriend. Janessa asks if Suki has ever tried joining in... and you can probably guess where the conversations leads from there.
03-03-2021 - You can always count on sexy euro sluts for a good ole porkin' but most can't squirt for shit! Stacked and stilettoed, doe eyed Adriana busted that myth as I busted that ass and got her love lava flowin! Anyone got a mop?
03-03-2021 - Electra is a fitting name for this fiery vixen. With persimmon hair and in an orange dress she works 2 gold dildos into her pink holes until they're a blaze with lust. But that doesn't kindle the glisten in her gash as much as a real hose. Once stuffed with an enflamed cock, her pits turn scarlet... with the perfect mix between pleasure and pain.
03-03-2021 - Elias and Mariano suck, fuck and stroke each other to climax!
03-03-2021 - Bling Bling check out the hottie at the beach. Cruz had to step it up a notch in the pickup department as i don't hablo no espanol, but man he is one smooth burrito, and we were giving this chiquita the fuck of a lifetime! She was screaming like a bitch with a mouthful of chili paste...
03-03-2021 - Johnny (AKA Alex) has a hard time answering the question Are you gay, straight or bisexual, which means that he must be bi, right? Does getting fucked in the ass by a woman wearing a strap-on count? Anyway, gay, straight or bi, he sure has a nice cock!
03-03-2021 - Marley is so hot that Jack barely believes she's a MILF! She was an easy catch for our 2 MILF hunters, with an hour to kill she jumped at the chance to take on their two daddy sized cocks! Don't miss this multi-tasking mommy suck and fuck until it's time to go pick up the kids!
03-03-2021 - All Vanessa wanted was to meet a rock star. This sweet, scared little slut gets a taste of what it's like to be the ultimate backstage Betty as she meets the rock star in the brotha's pants. Her tight little pussy doesn't know what hit it when she gets down on the biggest black dick she's ever seen.
03-03-2021 - "She overheard me talking at a party and said that kind of turned her on," confides husband, Micky, "... I wanted to surprise Rachel a little bit."
03-03-2021 - "Rub three times me, your fortune shall be." Your wish is our command! Join our guys as they get their 3 wishes...deep throat cock sucking, a wet pink pussy and a virgin anal whore to butt fuck in one hot alan porn!
03-03-2021 - Petite, gorgeous and from Russia, Nika was excited to try some black American cock because she'd heard all about our special attributes. But she totally under-estimated the Kong in our Shlongs. She knew they'd be big.... but not that BIG!!
03-03-2021 - Alexander is open to making dough, but is his ass open to a pair of cocks driving their manhood straight up his dirt road to happiness? Will he drìnk the meat-milk for the right price? Find out!
03-03-2021 - The guys have hired a gardner to clean up their backyard. The tables turn however, and it's the gardner's backyard that gets dug up! Cum watch Johnny and Sam plow through another hot piece of ass!
03-03-2021 - We were out by the pool when Amanda showed up to clean it. Little did she know the only work that was going to get done was us working on her tight little MILF pussy. What this MILF was lacking in chest size she made up for in cock sucking skills! We gave this MILF two hot loads in the face and sent her on her way!!
03-03-2021 - Eve Jordan and Serilla Lamante are as feminine as they come, but this is no "lipstick lesbian" scene; these honeys chow on each other like pie-eating contest champions, and take Clara's strap-on so deep, you almost expect it to poke out their mouths!
03-03-2021 - Aloha from Lana. She's half Hawaiian, half Filipino, and all fun! She's only been a paid Asian fuckslut for 2 weeks and clearly she's a natural. We'll simply say that she really likes her job, and she's not afraid to try new things.... and leave it up to you find out the rest!
03-03-2021 - Desiree may have fought for her country but she was more than willing to surrender her ass for some hardcore first-time anal sex. Our two good old guys show this honey their gratitude by giving this sexy vet a place to stay and a couple of hard dicks for ass fucking her puckery hole!
03-03-2021 - Grab your galoshes and hunker down for a rainy evening between the legs of your slippery, squishy new friend Leah! This chick's got her plumbing set up for some long distance ejaculatin' and her pussy delivers. She can soak a bullseye at twenty paces! Here's cum in your eye!
03-03-2021 - Melania sent us an email demanding that we put her on our site! She found out about her amazing talent after a night of hot sex with her boyfriend. She really is one hot piece of ass and on top of that, the blast that comes from between her legs you could swear came from a fire hydrant!
03-03-2021 - Another loser with another sob story seeking our help... We are always willing to help, for a price. This chump tried to offer us beer for our services, but we wanted a sweeter juice - his wife's pussy juice! We cashed his check for him, then cashed in on sexy Aurora! Everyone loves payday!
03-03-2021 - Curvaceous Capri prepares her pussy plunging palette for some first time slit-snacking courtesy of sexy lesbian temptress Katalin! These molten hot bitches spread legs and insert tongues in a smoldering lesbo slit sampling that leaves these first time lesbian's mouths and fingers covered in sweet bitch juice!
03-03-2021 - Holly wants to be a hip-hop ho, but these OG's need to know for sure that this bitch and her bangin' ass has what it takes to hang with them! Out come one-two-three-four big black meat pipes, ready to gang fuck this cracker ass brother-lover back into her place...but when this shaft swallowing slut takes a mammoth monster in her ass, another in her pussy and starts squirting all over, these boys figure they may have finally met a bitch worth keeping!
03-03-2021 - Jake and Veronica are pre-empting problems in the bedroom by doing what any forward thinking couple would do; bang two complete strangers, of course! Devon takes the reigns early and strips the coy Veronica nude before hubby Marcus introduces her taut hole to his magic man-muscle. This is couples therapy that never fails!
03-03-2021 - Costumes are coming off at our All Hallow's skin fest. The undead are stiff, but so are the cocks when the temptresses start running wild. Craving cum, cock, and cunts, the crowd's appetite for sex is over the moon (the FULL MOON, that is) and won't easily be sated until splooge is spilled! (2 of 4)
03-03-2021 - This cute slut thought she knew big until she met the mad monsters of cock! Hot housewife Indie choked down Shane's monster meat and stretched that sexy clit around big J's ebony wood! Watch these schlongmeisters tear up another one in this episode!
03-03-2021 - We went to campus to find a volunteer for our experiment, how long before a white girl becomes uncomfortable in a room full of black men. Petite, bubbly blonde, Jamie was the perfect candidate! She said she was nervous already, but our race relations pit crew knows exactly how to open her up so that she's gaping for big black love!
03-03-2021 - A little shy at first tho you can't tell as Scarlet and Trinity weren't fucking around. Some quick cock-sucking to lube things up and they were ready for the rides of their lives. Plenty of moaning and groaning to go around. Cum see who goes home with who!
03-03-2021 - Alejandro and Antonio know how to brighten up a dull afternoon -- a little oral, a little ass play and a whole lot of jerking and fucking!
03-03-2021 - Hungry for a piece of tail we hit the mall where there's always fresh meat. On our way in we locked Maria into our site and made her our target for todays catch. The lean, dark Hungarian honey made us hunger for split buns, buttered on both sides. Your reservation is ready, cum see what she serves us tonight.
03-03-2021 - -EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES EPISODE!- Peek a boo! Cum on in for a sneak peak of our 'husbands' and 'wives' before we accelerate their relationship into high gear!
03-03-2021 - Melrose Foxx decided to come shake her delightfully delectable dairyer for us. And you know they say... Her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!! We'd like to help do her body good by giving her a protein shake of our own?!?!? Watch as we flip it up, slap it, and rub it down .. Awh lawd.!!
03-03-2021 - Good luck keeping dry when Kitty comes a-callin'. That raincoat's gonna work about as well as a screen door on a submarine! She's got a reserve of salty she-spooge deep within her holds and it's up to you to poke her with your pink torpedo!
03-03-2021 - "Oh you've got this stuff all messed up!" said Ashley. "It's so nice of you to come over and help us," said Lexi. "Since you're here, why don't you hang out a bit? We've got some movies I think you'd like!"
03-03-2021 - We wanted a greedy girl with a big appetite, and found Tatiana. She wanted to be the next star and see her name in lights... And we had the perfect screen test to find out how badly she wanted the job. This girl went down like the Titanic, we pounded her pussy like she was the last American Pie and tore that ass up like the Terminator. In the end We offered her the DP, and she lived the Hollywood dream as we creamed all over this sexy starlet.yeah... she got the job!
03-03-2021 - A pimp sodomizing a priest? This devilish debauchery of deviance could only happen on one night...Halloween! Karl of the cloth wanted pimped out soul brother Sly to end his unrighteous ways, but the only thing Sly was interested in worshiping was Karl's saintly ass! This pimp carried a huge cock and a bad attitude...and he wasn't afraid to give Karl's angelic anus a sphincter-splitting gay fucking that it would never forget!
03-03-2021 - Ben thinks he is coming in for an audition to be on a reality show, but the reality is that two huge gay dicks are gonna be cumming in him. Ben's audition consists of a double dose of huge cocks as he is tag-teamed by our two hung studs, getting his mouth and ass pounded and stretched to the brink.
03-03-2021 - Ex first-timer Kacey snared sweet little Veronica studying on the grass...and in no time she had her naked on her ass makin her twat throb like no man ever could! Watch Kacey go deeper than Cousteau!
03-03-2021 - Stonie's so hot he sizzles when he walks. We had this smokie on a platter smothered between 2 buns & covered with xtra sauce! For a few dollars more I'll let him lick the spoon!!
03-03-2021 - Gambling debts are bitch, one way or another they need to get paid. So, this guy's wife is going to get laid. We are going to poke her pretty pink pussy while her husband watches us get down and dirty!
03-03-2021 - Not only does Gianna Michaels have a nice big ass and tits like two ripe melons, she's just plain dirty to her core! In this sizzling scene, she sucks and rides two massive cocks until the guys are ready to explode -- which she literally begs them to do, all over her face!
03-03-2021 - Horny Hollie is about to be welcomed to the world of wide wankers with not just one, but two MONSTER COCKS to suck and fuck! This brazen bitch chugs down both huge cocks in a spit-slathered double-threat deep throat just before taking one beastly behemoth in her ass and the other in her twat! Poor Hollie's holes get stretched to the limit until these two studs take pity on her and pull out to quench her cum-guzzling thirst!
03-03-2021 - It's making my pussy wet just watching you, marvelous milf Michelle told her man Reno as he plowed away at innocent Ashley's tight teen pussy! As Reno pulled out and squirt his seed all over Ashley's firm tummy and taut titties, Michelle though to herself that this was one more teen, successfully seduced!
03-03-2021 - Here's one of me laying on the couch in a pretty see-through outfit with a nice big red toy. I loved it because it slipped so nicely into my pussy and felt so good with all the different ridges on it. And that thing can really stuff a babe up too!
03-03-2021 - Franko, Luciano and Mathis start the morning off with a three way suck and fuck session that ends with a body-drenching triple cumshot!
03-03-2021 - Sexy rocker-slut Taylor likes to go lone wolf with her sexual urges and was hunting for a little motor driven help to get the "o" juices flowin! After she straddled these clockwork cocksmiths and flicked the switch she knew that these Wild Fuck Toys were gonna do just fine!
03-03-2021 - Felix sucks Sue Ellen's cock and takes it WAY up his ass before swallowing Sue's hot cumload!
03-03-2021 - Blonde hair, pony tails, and a tight ass! We got Drew to cum along for the ride after we flashed her some cash. I can't believe I am doing this, can they see in? turns into Fuck me harder you bastard!. Everyone enjoys the finale of jerk jelly all over her face!
03-03-2021 - Johnny is going darkstar diving with Sam's cousin. This sailor's getting his deck swabbed and his stern mopped with Johnny's massive piece of meat! Some frothy 'sea foam' on the face and this voyage is complete!
03-03-2021 - Sasha has been waiting too long for a dose of big cock. Today she is finally getting a huge portion of what she's been missing! Her bushy little pussy gets all wet in anticipation of a rock-hard rod and then cums all over when she finally gets to ride it!
03-03-2021 - Alana's pissed that Mikey and Paulie broke her daughters' heart. But she never understood what her daughter saw in them anyway. She suspects it's what they've got in their pants, and she's gonna find out for herself. Then she's gonna give em a taste of their own medicine... Love em' and leave em'
03-03-2021 - Cum join Billy in the gym working on himself in more ways than one! Watch this muscle man work on his huge biceps and move on to working on his huge meaty cock!
03-03-2021 - Kinky cuban cutie Kira could shake her pretty ass all night long and the Brothas were up for puttin a little more motion in that ocean! Watch these cockmasters teach pretty slut Kira the ins and outs of the long dong disco in this one!
03-03-2021 - The mentor programs must be a little different in The Valley, because the young tart that wants mentoring is looking for a whole lot more - as in two hard dicks. Put the didactic materials down, because the only studying this girl is into is the anatomy of a boner. The guys are taken aback, but when the shock is over their dicks are out, up, and in!
03-03-2021 - Why don't you take your clothes off first? sweet teen Alexa asked the raunchy and rather milf-tastic Rachel. Of course Rachel obliged...anything to get this barely legal bitch to open her legs for Rachel's tawdry tongue and her husband's huge cock!
03-03-2021 - Ex-Spinna cum Lesbo temptress Emily scoped smokin latina Valerie browsing sexy dresses and Em was determined to go south of the border with this spicy slut! Watch these two beat the heat and get sweaty indoors fucking n' sucking twat in Valerie's First Lesbian Sex!
03-03-2021 - Sara with her tight top and short jean skirt came back to party with the guys! One thing led to another and she was playin the skin flute before long! We all took turns fucking her but we just couldn't resist trying to plug both of her holes at the same time!
03-03-2021 - Sara was a little nervous that she might get jealous during their swinging session with Kylee and Joey, but once Joey pulled out his meat missile, her inhibitions went away faster than you can say "suck my cock, baby!"
03-03-2021 - Peyton has only just begun to experience her power of squirting and what better way to practice then to cum on Squirt Hunter? She warms up dipping her fingers into her hot box and coaxing a stream of honey. But it takes a cock deep inside of her to really open the flood gates!
03-03-2021 - Dissatisfied with their sex lives, the Lins and and the Devilles get together to give swinging a try. With their sexual frustrations peaking, it doesn't take long for the unhappy couples to dispense with the small talk and get down to some serious fucking!
03-03-2021 - They say that Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but Diamond Foxxx is a pretty good friend to men, too. Just how friendly is she? Friendly enough to take two massive cocks deep inside her, and to swallow every drop of the big cum loads that spurt out of those cocks at the end of the scene!
03-03-2021 - Marlena and Frankie are looking to spice up their sex life, while Otto and Audrey are aroused by the idea of helping them out! Otto gives Marlena a good fucking while his wife Audrey shows Frankie what its like to dig deep into redhead pussy! Watch to find out if this will up the ante in Marlena and Frankie's bedroom.
03-03-2021 - "You should do something memorable, something you'll never forget since this is your last night here" suggested Lexi. "That sounds like fun" Paige replied "You have no idea" said Lexi
03-03-2021 - We spent the day at the park looking for another tight ass to fill. Anthony caught our eye and we couldn't wait to explore his ass with our cocks. He was on his way to setup a huge party but it wasn't long before he was singing into our HUGE mics!
03-03-2021 - Princesa Mylka does a sultry striptease before getting down and dirty with Alexandre.
03-03-2021 - This week's hot little number is an aspiring piano player, but costly lessons are draining her pocket. By her looks, we know Samantha has better talents just waiting to be exploited. $900 later, her tune is changed and the youthful moans of pleasure and greed are music to our ears!
03-03-2021 - Amy Starz is one sexy barely legal (18+) brunette with a tight body and even tighter pussy...but not for long! We bring in our squad of big black-dicked gang bangers to pound Amy's poor pussy and assault her asshole with their beefy nightsticks, stretching this little bitch to her limits!
03-03-2021 - The Ryans and The Reeses make no bones about getting down to nasty business. The ladies trade off sucking cocks dripping with pussy juice and Nick lets his fingers do the walking, in Carolyn's asshole! After all, it's "Dickcember" and anything goes!
03-03-2021 - Janet dropped by to try out for an acting part that required nudity. What she didn't know is that the scene would require her to take it up the ass for the first time, too....
03-03-2021 - Colombian hottie Latina was enjoying the so-cal scenery and we were begging to sample that FINE milf ass! With a little help from our cunning linguists we got to bury our swollen meat in this sexy mom's cuchi-cuchi and had her taste test some of our special sauce! Ay Papi!
03-03-2021 - I want the job really bad! Zoe told potential employers Ethan and Sexy Lexi Lamour, the only question was how much Zoe was willing to do to get it -- turns out she was willing to do a hell of a fucking lot! Get her barely legal teenage pussy plunged by Ethan's cock? Check! Guzzle down her first taste of tangy twat nectar? Check! Good news Zoe, the job is yours!
03-03-2021 - Otto and Alec never really thought that a classified add for sex would work until the day they came home to find little nympho Audrey waiting (with her fingers in her cookie jar) for them to fuck her silly. She dropped to her knees and they knew she wasn't playing and either were they... After she came it was their turn to get what they wanted.... her VIRGIN ASS.
03-03-2021 - A four man game of hearts turns into talk about first time sexual experiences -as the men move over from the table to the couch they begin feeling out each others' cocks for the first time. Their innocent experimentation leads to their fullest pleasure as they stick their hard dicks into one anothers' virgin assholes.
03-03-2021 - Oh sweet Sveta, happy 19th birthday!! Let's open some presents, share some cake, and spread your tight sweet creamy pussy to lick the frosting off. Your tight body and perky tits will bounce as you moan and groan as you ride our thick hard cocks.
03-03-2021 - Laila, what beautiful red hair you have; What perfect round nipples and tight little coochie too. Will you share your goodies with these two old sheep? Cum watch Laila get tricked into exposing what's under her coat to our big bad boners for a little extra dough in her picnic basket.
03-03-2021 - We met Italia down at the local courthouse. She was on Jury Duty, and we were on booty duty. We wanted to escort her tight little ass back to our house, put it on lock-down and have a trial of our own. Watch as our Hung Jury over rides any of her back door objections.
03-03-2021 - This sexy little blonde slut never knew cocks grew bigger in our neck of the woods, but she was about to find out! We brought this little euro slut home pounded her in the ass with our massive black cocks and gave her tons o' cum to swallow!
03-03-2021 - This single milf with her giant jugs is just ripe for the fucking! we stumble upon Jordan On her way to bring her son his lunch ; we're so nice and decide to help her out, maybe we'll get a reward and cash in right in that milf cooter! It's so great to help out someone in need don't you think?!?!
03-03-2021 - Johan and JP wanted to perform as racy extras in a drag show, but when asked if they were comfortable showing off their bodies, they had to prove that inhibition was not in their vocabulary! Soon after taking their clothes off and revealing their rippling muscles and big cocks, they couldn't help but sample a taste of each other's massive man-meat!
03-03-2021 - Sexy milf Laura needed dick so badly that she just couldn't wait for her clit wrangler Thomas to get through the door...so she decided to start early, taking a deep dildo into her pussy, trying to satiate her carnal cravings until Thomas arrived with his big fat boner too!
03-03-2021 - Welcome back House Wife Bangers fans. This week we have lovely Rachel and her knuckle head hubby. See this house wife ho-bag give it up for HWB, while her mang sits there like a fool. Cum inside now!!! Don't miss this hot and sexy home maker get a hardcore fuckin'!!!
03-03-2021 - You don't have a boyfriend? asked Michelle. How long has it been since you've had sex? It's been at least a couple of months, said Sammie. But I thought you guys were just going to show me your rose bushes!
03-03-2021 - "I got you a present." Priscilla tells her hubby John. "Surprise!"... "Whoa, what is this? Is it a snowboard? statue? statue of liberty?" John asks with excitement building. After ripping away at the paper, his eyes grow wide.... "It's a babe. you got me a babe... oh my god!"
03-03-2021 - With the help of a little cash, Ashton Hardwell was more than happy to let us record this monumental moment in his life, the moment he dropped his cock balls deep into some other stud's mouth, the first time he breached some stud's sexy sphincter and the first time he unloads a gallon of guy goo in another dude's mouth. Congratulations Ashton, congratulations indeed.
03-03-2021 - You'd figure after seeing fat black poles like these any sane person would run screaming...but pretty little Ricki likes em big, black, and hard! Watch as this sexy little slut opens her pretty twat and takes on several feet of black meat as she goes head to hole the Brothas!!
03-03-2021 - Adam knew that his elastic asshole could take any cock of any size, but even he was shocked when Thomas broke through his sweet sphincter's snapping point! Adam took Thomas' mammoth mutton mallet balls-deep in his ass and begged for more!
03-03-2021 - Chris was playing record exec to get naive hottie Jasmine to audition by basting the back of that sexy throat with hot semen! After a little warming up ..and Chris boning that sexy tight ass, she opened wide for the hot and sticky load! Now that's music!
03-03-2021 - Poor Faith has never been poked by a pecker. Her lover, Abby, has never been with another woman. Scott and Nadia are inexperienced but enthusiastic Wife Switcher's who can't wait to get started. Cum on over to find out if these two, green to swing couples, are brave enough to play games of perversion.
03-03-2021 - Breanne catches Jenna in the act of shooting some naughty video of herself for her boyfriend to watch. Helpful soul that Breanne is, she offers to join in the fun to ensure that Jenna's boyfriend gets one hell of a show!
03-03-2021 - Sweet just doesn't describe our lovely Alexis. She does volunteer work to help the elderly, and for a little CASH she'll help elderly cock! Turn down your hearing aids folks cause Alexis is a true Scream Queen!
03-03-2021 - Nick and Dylan constantly bicker and are becoming desperate to save their marriage. Bella and Tallon, who are very good friends, were once on Wife Switch, as a married couple! The twists and turns in this episode will surprise you as much as the moans and groans will turn you on.
03-03-2021 - Carmen and Roma want to scratch their lesbian itch. Good thing they've been watching endless pleasures on HFLS. Now it's their turn to open Pandora's box and cum on camera. Welcome Carmen and Roma to the HFLS club.
03-03-2021 - Another day another starlet, and vegas cutie Ashley was about to bypass the casting couch for Sammie's bed! After a smoking hot kiss this sexy co-host to be went down like the Titanic! Watch her eat Sammie out like a four course meal and ace her debut as a freshly de-virginized lesbian!
03-03-2021 - Just what is it with babes named Victoria and big asses? We really aren't sure; all we know is that every one of them we meet has a booty worthy of worship!! This week proves no exception, so cum give our newest Victoria the warm and sticky welcome she deserves!
03-03-2021 - If you cum on by for a round of truth or dare with these first time lesbians, we promise there won't be any losers! Cum on - I dare you to watch these three gorgeous babes, in HD porn quality, get off until waves of pleasure wash over them and take over all of your senses!
03-03-2021 - Relax, we'll take good care of you, Lexi reassures Jessie. And indeed they do...
03-03-2021 - Cum see Jeremy get "turned over" to the other team, Cuban style. Fans of HFGS don't miss out! Jeremy takes it all, & gets a fat wad of guy gravy. Lucky for him our studs are gentle & just want to get close & personal with that virgin A-hole. It seems that someone likes to play hide the salami.
03-03-2021 - Stopped at a gas station, Candy, was looking for directions but Donny thought it would be easier to just show her, so he said "get in and we'll give you a ride"... and RIDE that brunette bitch we did!! Cum watch this whore get her fill of our wads and find out just how many licks it takes to get there.
03-03-2021 - We found this local hottie at a Van Nuys taco stand...For just $250 she agreed to our half hour interview, and quickly showed us some deep deep caring for our horny old men. Nubile cute Ann gets ridden hot and hard and loves every single inch of it!
03-03-2021 - Chowin' down on a couple of burgers, a luscious specimen of sexy named Heather walked right past us and we knew that burgers wouldn't be the only thing we'd be munchin' on. Heather had no plans for the day so we cleared her schedule for the next 10 inches, whoops, I mean 10 hours!
03-03-2021 - Typically it's the money that gets our boy toys to stay for a, well... let's just say, for a more 'in depth' interview. But Jayce is a true cock connoisseur who just couldn't pass up the chance to play with two real, real BIG COCKS. Even with the discount he gets working in an adult store, these will be much more than he's ever had before!
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