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12-10-2019 - Our deep dick connoisseurs snagged Rachel at the grocery store! Wanting to introduce her to fine dining, they whipped out 2 meaty cock morsels and stuffed her like a x-mas goose! Watch this white honey make a meal and half outta these 2 colossal black sausages!
12-10-2019 - Kyle had a hard body and an even harder dick under his clothes. Who knew that this muscle man would love the cock sooo much!! Derek was up to his knuckles in this hottie's ass, And he was once, twice, three times wider than before! I guess Kyle won't be walking straight for a week!
12-10-2019 - What won't a broke bitch do for $10. Sydnee was down on her luck & that isn't a good place to be. A much better place would be face down with that ebony ass up. Don't forget to gag on the white man's tally whacker before all else. Well Sydnee it looks like you have got a future in porn, and a ticket out of the ghetto. This bitch got pimped!!!
12-10-2019 - After some fun in the fountain this ORGY kicks into high gear, puts the pedal to the floor and peel the pussy as Amber, Ashli, Claire and Holly spread out on the couch for an all-girl group sex fuck-fest. But then the guys pull out their big cocks and thats when the party goes into overdrive!
12-10-2019 - Basketball... a man's sport. After dribbling around the court all day our athletes decided on a slightly different type of ball bouncing. They only dribbling to be had with these hardcore fellows would be all over Mickey's face. He moves, he shoots, he scores! I wonder what team Mickey plays for now???
12-10-2019 - Dawn really put some effort into these elaborate homemade striptease videos, as she broke out her best moves, made wardrobe changes, and even added a rockin' soundtrack. The only thing she didn't account for was her boyfriend later posting it to the Web. Oh well... at least she looks good in her fishnet body stockings, right?
12-10-2019 - After working out together Nick and Cole try to relax by soothing each other's sore muscles with massages. But when two guys who look this good start touching each other wearing little more than jockstraps, well, you can guess where it might lead them....
12-10-2019 - Kevin had no idea what he was in for until Johnny and Sam pulled their thick throbbing pieces of man-meat from their trousers! Kevin was no stranger to the pleasure of the cock, but he had never taken a dick as daunting as these two pleasure poles....could he do it?
12-10-2019 - We picked up Devon and her big ass titties out on her lunch break. This sexy prosecutor seemed like a mild business woman but she turned out to be one hell of a freak! She was sucking our cocks and getting her pussy pounded in no time flat. This sexy MILF swallowed all the hot cum we could serve up!!
12-10-2019 - Justin was at the park relaxing when we showed up and asked if he'd ever had a huge cock before. He hadn't so we changed that. We fed his crater a double dose of our ebony smoked sausage and drizzled dessert all over his chest!
12-10-2019 - Jocelyn is a bartender when she's not sucking cock on camera in a race for money. We're not sure how good she is at making drìnks but she certainly sucks a great dick from the looks of it. Her amazing attitude, southern accent and desire to make men happy is a perfect match for getting a guy to cum in her mouth in as little time as possible.
12-10-2019 - Keith and Rena embark on a new adventure to find the high Priestess that has been captured by the evil Dolfus. Dolfus, a demonic monster, holds her in his lair as he has his way with her. He waits for Rena to fall into his trap.
12-10-2019 - A high-end UK real estate search turns into scorching three-way romp. Talk about earning your "cummission"!
12-10-2019 - They call him "Tripod Trevor," and Martin is about to find out why. (Hint: this has nothing to do with photography, but Trevor's "tripod" sure looks good on camera. ;-)
12-10-2019 - Oh you've got this stuff all messed up! said Ashley. It's so nice of you to come over and help us, said Lexi. Since you're here, why don't you hang out a bit? We've got some movies I think you'd like!
12-10-2019 - 'Finger licking good' is the way I'd describe this episode. Three drop dead gorgeous girls play with each other pussies au naturale style using only their long, stiff finger and flickering erect tongues. Oh la la licky licky, finger fucky.
12-10-2019 - All the way from kentucky these party people are here to get lucky! Get the beer ready - We're here to party let loose and fuck the night away in that wild college sex party way!
12-10-2019 - We took Tripp on a trip and then flipped him some grips to let us slip our mushroom-tips between his hot lips before taking a dip in his tulip, then gave him a sip of our sticky drip for a tip!!
12-10-2019 - This twink came to us needing money for a nice hot meal. We gave him a greasy meat pole and topped it off with man cream. By the end of the shoot, he was asking for more! See it now...
12-10-2019 - Chris is cruising the hood, when he runs into Jack and Todd, and thinks he might have a good time with these guys. Well, when Chris gets his first taste of cock, he's ready to get fucked and pounded by these studs in "His First Gay Sex"
12-10-2019 - Brian and Enrique need a little pick me up this morning. Miguel works at a coffee bar, and we offer a little "cream" for his coffee on his way to work. Miguel is in for a HUGE surprise as Brian and Enrique bring new meaning to "GRANDE LATTE"
12-10-2019 - Meet the very moist and luscious Georgia, who as we have discovered has been blessed with a waterfall-like pussy. Cum in and see this trickling tramp get sopping wet. See her take massive cock as she gets pounded into a pond of her own pussy precipitation. Bring your rain coat and your waiders people!!! This is one saturating episode!!!
12-10-2019 - "I don't know if I can do this" Toni protested "What if my parents find out?" "They're never gonna find out. We wont say anything if you don't say anything" Devon replied
12-10-2019 - Claudia knows what she likes and she's not wasting any time getting it. Before she's even taken off any clothes, let alone gotten off her feet she takes a big glass cock up the butt. After that it's an all out three ring circus complete with acrobatics, DP's, and gaping holes.
12-10-2019 - Naughty Natalie decided to sneak off to a dark toilet stall and rub one off...lucky for long-donged Lee, he happened to come in just as this bodacious bitch was reaching her climax! So Lee, being a man of opportunity decided to pull out his colossal cock and stuff in her glory hole! When Natalie spotted such an impressive mutton mallet, she just knew that she had to have it stretch her pussy to it's breaking point!
12-10-2019 - While out and about at the mall, we saw the perfect canidate for our make-over show. Lisa wasn't about to give in though without a fight! Eventually we transformed her from shotty to hotty. Cum watch as we take her through the paces of "Da Hood's Next Top Model", pimping and pumping that sexy ass.
12-10-2019 - Michelle and Ellen like to play with toys, so after some hardcore anal with a glass dildo, we bring in our huge studs to give the babes some meat toys to play with. It's not all fun and games anymore, as these anal-addicted babes get ass fucked into submission with some extreme anal abuse.
12-10-2019 - Kody and Todd decided to do a bit of skinny dipping in the hotel pool while they got to know each other better. A conversation about the oddest place they'd ever had sex dovetailed into (what else?) a hotel room romp that shook the rafters. Here's to new experiences!!
12-10-2019 - Dirty, blonde slut Crystal was needin' some R 'n R... well this ho bag didn't make it to work but we put her pussy to work doin' overtime! Just wait till you hear her screaming her pretty little head off when we fill her up but don't lose your load yet because we top her off with more cum than a sperm bank!
12-10-2019 - Judy Marie is a hot white bitch with a bad attitude in need of a serious adjustment -- well that cracker slut had better get ready to hear her hips crack as her pelvic bones get adjusted by way of one thick black dick in her pussy and another giant ebony cock in her asshole for a life-changing gangbang she wont ever forget!
12-10-2019 - I have to tell you that the part requires you to be scantily clad. Are you comfortable with that Lexi asks the naive aspiring actress? Well, as long as I'm covered she shyly responds. Honestly, Lexi admits that usually leads to being topless or nude... Maybe I could work up to it? Instead of doing that on set, why don't you try here while it's just my husband and I watching....
12-10-2019 - Porter and two of his teammates really got to know each another when their hotel room only had one bed. When they couldn't fall asleep an innocent game of truth or dare quickly led to more fleshly fun like; swallowing the sword, three way tackle, and some good old fashion ass fucking.
12-10-2019 - Douglas is a 26 year old portrait photographer. He was on his way to get material for his darkroom, when we snatched him. We gave him a chance to see what it was like on the other side of the camera. Turned out his cock was a total ham!
12-10-2019 - Jewels retained Angela for some tutoring on sales technique to help her move up the corporate ladder. A pair of conspicuously placed dildos got Angela a little distracted, though, and led to a whole different kind of instruction...
12-10-2019 - Daria takes on four big cocks, accepting them deep in her pussy, ass and mouth from a variety of positions before receiving every last drop of cum the guys have to offer all over her pretty face!
12-10-2019 - Jacob is looking to pick up some extra cash to help out with his rent. Looking to start up some modeling This little twink was just what the doctor ordered! Check it out now!!
12-10-2019 - My mother always told me to eat my vegetables as a child. I'm not sure this is what she had in mind, but I know she'd be so proud of me getting my daily serving of carrots! My thinking is: "why eat just them when you can put them up your ass first, then eat them".
12-10-2019 - An empty couch, a wild college party, three slutty sorority sisters...THAT my friends is a recipe for luscious lesbian action, especially if the sorority sisters in question are Jewels, Rihannon, and Roxie! The sweet slit slobbering sluts start by making out, but soon are sucking on each other's firm tits and sampling each other's pretty pink pussies!
12-10-2019 - Do you have a job? What are you doing to get thru school? Michelle asks Mindy in a motherly tone. I 'dance' at the place down the street. She shyly responds. You'll probably see us there, we go there all the time. Really!? You guys go there? Ya, my husband and I love it! You should give me a dance..... Do you like dancing for girls?
12-10-2019 - Katie hired Seth to do some yard work, but it was a different kind of bush that ended up getting most of his attention...
12-10-2019 - I'm ready for a little mouth...to cock. Otto told 19 year old lifeguard Kara before she willingly took his purple python balls-deep down her throat, all while nymphomaniac milf Audrey played with Kara's petite pink pussy!
12-10-2019 - Marco's clothes can't contain him! Notice his well defined ass as he bends over to rub his calves. Watch his cock unload as he slides it through his undeniably firm grip!
12-10-2019 - It's an all out fuck fest! Don't pass it up, like you did in college. You won't believe your eyes!
12-10-2019 - Kyle and his boyfriend Jose must be fraternity brothers because at our party they were really mucking around Greek style. We noticed cute Kyle first, but couldn't stop staring at Joses donkey size dong while they were getting it on....here on our couch in front of the guests at this wild gay college sex party.
12-10-2019 - I told Nikki I was selling my cool ass TV, but instead of picture tubes she got my meat tubes and we started a-fuckin! Pounding her sweet holes I got the idea of giving her a swallow of some cock juice! Now that's entertainment!
12-10-2019 - This threeway romp starts with some behind the scenes fun from a recent live shoot we did featuring Allie Haze, Jessie Andrews and Lexi Belle. Once the joshing around is over, though, the girls get down to some serious pussy eating, vibrator play and plenty of screaming, shuddering orgasms!
12-10-2019 - Kelly was in for a big surprise when she found out her man signed them up to take a ride in our van! After coaxing a few confessions out of her we found that she is one dirty whore! Don't miss the blushing faces and gasps of disgust as she rides her man to a raging orgasm!
12-10-2019 - Vivien drops by for the 'Clara treatment,' and you know what that means: her pussy, asshole, tongue and fingers are in for a serious workout! Vivien shows that she can give as good as she gets, eating Clara's pussy and rimming her asshole like the dirty little slut she is.
12-10-2019 - Charly is just looking for a couple extra bucks to help fill up her car and boy will she get some filling up alright! Filled with some hot man meat!! Watch out this one is a sure one to make you cum, FILL'R up!!!
12-10-2019 - These two best friends never tried having some hot lesbian fun before. It took a little persuading but before long they were both munching on some pink taco!
12-10-2019 - Walking dogs sure doesn't earn you much money and starving students need money! We have a proposition for these guys- stick their hot dogs in each other's buns and we'll give them some cash and give you plenty of sizzling action!
12-10-2019 - A poker game gets crazy when hubby bets his wife Margarita as payment. When he loses, he has to convince her that she has to go along for the 'ride'. Watch as Gotti trumps his ace over hubby's queen and flushes her pink hole as hubby watches her repay a $4,000 wage the hard way. One hand on the ass at a time.
12-10-2019 - You're not gay if your just getting your dick sucked? Daniel couldn't turn down more cash or a tight asshole on his dick! Cause once you go all the way, you're already gay.
12-10-2019 - Darrian meets Anthony and Simon on his way to a fashion shoot, and realizes he'll have a much better time with these guys sucking dick and getting fucked. Darrian is mostly a bottom because of his boyfriend, but with Anthony and Simon, he's playing all sides.
12-10-2019 - We were hard pressed to find a hotter white slut than Crystal, and the horse donged duo was gonna taste all her sweet candy! Watch this lollipop sucking cutie switch to meaty treats and get fucked hard from both ends by the Doubledong Twins in this episode!
12-10-2019 - We had just left the store when Alisha tried to panhandle us for bus money. Like usual, it only took a minute to get her back to our studio, where we keep the big bucks. Naturally the lure of easy cash brought out her greedy side, but it also brought out her slut side!! Cum see the action!!
12-10-2019 - Nyomi is one of the hottest dishes that I have been served in a long time! She admits to being a perv and she doesn't hold back once my cock was inside her! "Fuck me like a dog," she yelled so I poured the coals to this slut!
12-10-2019 - It's time to get in shape for the summer. What do you need to do to get that hot body? According to our guys you need cardio, weights, and lots of protein. We've got plenty of protein shakes! Whip one up of your own while you enjoy the show!
12-10-2019 - Sophia was interrupted by pornstar Kris Slater who grabbed the toy right out of her ass. He fucked her throat before violating each of her holes, then showered her in a massive cum spray all over her face.
12-10-2019 - Tony's favorite hobby is masterbating and he's looking for a fuck partner while Jordan wants someone to handcuff him to the bed!! These two kinky guys don't waste too much time, just a quick stop for coffee and they're back at Jordan's to get some ass!
12-10-2019 - You know chicks dig the arts and crap stores so we decided to go find a desperate mom with nothing better to do with her time! Sure enough we found poor Alisandra wandering around and convinced her to come back to the studio with us. We couldn't wait to get our tongues on those huge mom jugs and fuck that smooth pussy! Don't miss out on this Crafty MILF.
12-10-2019 - This week we reel one in all the way from Hungary! When this little minx says you'll dream about me, she means it! Rita's creamy, luscious curves rival the best we've ever seen, and those tiny little nips are nothin' short of delicious! Grab ahold and don't let go!
12-10-2019 - Do you like your ladies fiery?! If you do this redhead is for you! She will suck your cock while you play with her tits, then bend over and take your big meat stick all while jerking herself off.
12-10-2019 - Celina, Lenia, Sandra and Victoria dive into the sweet pool of pussy licking in this all-girl frolic of lesbian fucking. These bitches tear into this pussy buffet, eat the pink tacos and drink the sweet nectar of lesbian love!
12-10-2019 - Deja Daire was one of our better contestants over a year ago, so we had her back for another pornstar edition of Blowjob Races! She had a much softer look to her and Tim was really turned on by her cute feminine voice. Watch and see if they have what it takes to be the champions!
12-10-2019 - Pretty Taylor found our sexy new candidate Emily hockin' DJ goods and our lesbo knew she could pull a little girl on girl magic on that hot bod! With a tongue in that pretty pussy this sexy Texan loosened up and gave Taylor a little clit licking of her own!
12-10-2019 - Dane's 7th grade sex ed. teacher, Ms. Nevaeh, is a full-time wife and mother now but after running into her at the store, we think she might have one more lesson to give...on the birds and the bees. Only this time, we'll be the ones administering the oral exams!
12-10-2019 - Sam was stuck in a blizzard while on a business trip, and ended up sharing a hotel room with Zak, a guy who was basically a total stranger. You can't stay a stranger for long once you start sucking a man's cock though, and soon they are close enough that Zak thinks nothing of letting Sam plow his ass with reckless abandon!
12-10-2019 - Missy would do ANYTHING to meet her favorite rock star. She flew all the way from Connecticut and shows up at his front door, where his manager tells her the only way to meet him is if she'll agree to fuck them both. She agrees and they make sweet music initiating her as a good little groupie.
12-10-2019 - Tom came into our studio to get some head shots for his burgeoning modeling career but didn't have the cash to make it happen...needless to say, our photographer Enrique liked the look of Tom and made the tasty twink an offer -- a photo session in exchange for a sample of his sweet ass! This twink stripped down and not only gave Enrique the tight sphincter sample he wanted, but also gave him a balls-deep cock throating!
12-10-2019 - We were smooth picking up this MILF at a smoothie shop. We told her that we needed help on a college project but what we really want is to do is give her a thorough exam and fully test out her holes. We made the grade and rewarded her hard work with our warm Pina colada mix all over her mom mammaries.
12-10-2019 - Renae is chilly and needs some warming, but watch out because she'll become Kilauea in no time. After a warm up balcony booty bounce, she goes inside without even dismounting and continues a ravenous romp that is rarely repeated on camera. If there were a panel of judges, she'd get ten's across the board for this not to be missed performance. This is a first rate fuck fiesta!
12-10-2019 - Half of fucking Europe seems to be represented in this doozy of a 5 on 1 flesh rodeo. This cock drunk slut takes all the ass smackin', face slappin', hair pullin', and hole wrecking that comes her way, gets her ass played like congas, chugs a gallon of cum, and laughs! By the way Britney, nice boots!
12-10-2019 - The tremendous tally whacker twins are back! See sexy slut Mariah take on the twin totems of ebony erections. Only a 20 year old blonde bimbo can handle these guys and their fleshy warm lady toys. Ladies, if you're feeling empty inside cum on in where we'll fill your every inch!
12-10-2019 - Layla has a rocking body and a kinky fetish: using a speculum to gape open her pussy so a cutie can spit deep inside her. But the fun doesn't stop there, as Evelyn sucks out the large amount of pooled saliva with a straw so she can feed it to Layla. This was so hot, you better just watch it!
12-10-2019 - Drew is bisexual. He has had his share of guys and ladies but there was still something missing... he needed a huge cock! We were more than happy to unleash our crotch rockets and give him what he needed! We fucked his tight ass right into outerspace!
12-10-2019 - Kitty hates sex toys! She says: They are gross and should be banned. But we think her mind can be changed with our Auto-mazing line of Wild Fuck Toys. Cum watch Kitty reverse her position as she grinds her way to orgasm city!
12-10-2019 - Diablo is a meat and potatoes no frills kinda guy. We could see that from afar, so we knew that he'd be on knees taking our meat and sucking on our sack of potatoes! Diablo wasn't going to walk straight cause now he's gay!
12-10-2019 - We spotted Mia outside the clinic after a colon cleansing. Little did she know she was preparing for an ass pounding of a lifetime! See us squeeze into the cleanest, tight virgin asshole ever and give her an even better cleansing of our own!
12-10-2019 - We found Kendra slumping around, distraught because her boyfriend cheated on her. What a bad move on his half because we got a little plan for Kendra's revenge. We cleared her from all misery by double dosing her with the big cock.
12-10-2019 - Zach isn't getting what he needs at home and Victoria is well, just a bored housewife. They both are going to get some tonight. Now if Zach can just avoid the angry husbands shotgun you can watch him get lost in V's jumbo titties and tasty pussy!
12-10-2019 - Knock Knock...Trick or treat? Tiffani is selling candy to raise some cash for science camp. But we're looking for a different type of treat... the kind we can trick out for a bit of dough. We bought her whole box of candy to free her time up and then we gave her a bonus for satisfying our craving for her sweet meat.
12-10-2019 - College is for drìnking and getting some pussy anywhere, anytime and we don't want you loyal fans to miss out. Cum on inside loyal viewers and enjoy some drµnken debauchery!
12-10-2019 - Jaymz has a way of getting what he wants, and today he wants Etienne. The way these two fuck and suck each other, you'd think this was their last day on the planet!
12-10-2019 - Marick runs into two hot guys, Anthony and Thomas, on his way to get some new wheels and decides to go for a different test drive. He's cut, versatile and ready to take on these two huge dicks!
12-10-2019 - I just got back from L.A. and was craving some cock. I got dressed up for you guys in some hot baby-blue booty shorts and a leather studded collar, with a leash for my next victim to take control of me with. This scene was one of the roughest skull fuckings I have ever gotten. Mark abµsed my face, smashed it, slapped it, plugs my nose until I choke, fish hooks me and shoves his cock and balls clear to my tonsils. My mascara is running and I am covered in spit and vomit within about 7 minutes. This is a very messy and loud scene that ends up with Mark emptying his cumload into a martini glass for a cum cocktail for me to enjoy after all the abµse.
12-10-2019 - Roxxxy may only be 19 years old, but she's quickly learned how to suck cock and make men cum. With a killer skinny body and big natural tits, she definitely has the advantage. Yes it's true she prefers nasty group sex, double penetrations and eating multiple loads of cum, but today she settled for a big facial in a respectable time.
12-10-2019 - Remi was cleaning out the garage when a box full of his step-dad's gay porn and sex toys fell down and spilled all over the floor. With this and the mattress, conveniently leaning up against the wall, we knew that we were gonna lucky and finally pop his fairy cherry.
12-10-2019 - If you're ready for an assstravaganza, this is the episode for you! Cameron squirms, squeals, and grits her teeth as we inflame her holes with our relentless torpedo assults. But the punishment doesn't stop there. We're not done until this creampie ragdoll gets a taste of lunch.
12-10-2019 - Introducing the insatiable Cindy Dollar. This connoisseur of cock isn't content with just one of her holes getting ransacked, she needs an array of toys and some hard double dicking to get off the right way. We waste no time in giving her what she wants, a savage mixture of pleasure and pain!
12-10-2019 - These two juniors are really into each other, but it's our two guys that will soon be deep into them! Dildos are nice for a tease, but the real things are what they need for a treat. Fingers, toes and gapping holes are what makes this flesh-fest a feast only to be topped off with an avalanche of melted man for them to snowball!
12-10-2019 - Sweet, petite, Julie has a cute little booty that needs some hot lesbian sex! Thinking she was coming over for an aerobics session, Julie will actually be cumming for many different reasons! You'll need a cool down after we raise your heart rate with this sweet lesbian porn!
12-10-2019 - Miss Ryan is here all the way from the Philippines. She is here looking for the one hard thick reason most Asians beauties come to America. Her hot Asian Temple is just waiting for the sweet release that only a white cock can bring!
12-10-2019 - What's better than one great ass... two great asses that you can fuck. Aurora Jolie and Kelly Devine give all the big booty anal you can handle in this NO HOLE's BARRED hardcore fuck fest.
12-10-2019 - Nick works out often and has the body to prove it. Once Sam and Johnny get a look at Nick's six pack they can't contain themselves any longer and once Nick gets a look at the two huge cocks being offered neither can he! Temperatures rise on this chilly winter day as Nick gets a workout that will have him cumming back for more!
12-10-2019 - Kayous joined us for a little shopping surprise in suburbia. There is not much more fun than a glory hole in a dressing room! Kayous is getting the blowjob of a lifetime but what will happen when he finds out another man is behind the hole... He'll enjoy his first gay sex of course!!!
12-10-2019 - Marcus met Allie online, which was great - until Devon found Allie's self-shot pics on Marcus' phone, that is. Devon's anger turned to arousal once she saw Allie in the flesh, and she was more than happy to share her hubby's cock with the young whippersnapper.
12-10-2019 - Ashley wanted to be a star so we shined her up and twinkled all down her neck. We skipped auditions and let her rehearse her way to the tip. This so-called amateur rode our thickness to show her self to be a true veteran to the game. The game of huge cocks.
12-10-2019 - Cole needs to clean out his basement and he's got a friend willing to help him out. But Brecken's definition of a cleaning a basement is a little different than Cole's. Someone's gonna end up with broom stick in their ass, and a dirty reputation!
12-10-2019 - Foxy Faye Valentine needed to open up sexually, so when her husband Dane was approached by the Sheridans to try a wife swap, Dane talked Faye into it. Fast forward to the next day and Faye is watching her husband bang blonde bitch Nicole, while she is being fucked raw by Nicole's husband! Faye had no idea that a foursome fuck between couples could feel so good!
12-10-2019 - Alek, Cris and Lee love to party, so naturally the only thing they love more is to fuck...the only question is, who is gonna be on the bottom? Shall they solve this dilemma with rock, paper, scissors...or maybe should just whip their man-meat out and whoever had the biggest cock wins!
12-10-2019 - Jessica Moore needs just that...more, so she recruits Alec Knight and Otto Bauer to serve up their hard cocks in both her pussy and her virgin asshole! This sexy blonde beauty starts by sucking off her pair of pussy-pounders before finally spreading her legs and letting them violate her tight twat and sexy sphincter!
12-10-2019 - Beth has been too busy with school and holidays to be worried about dick but her swollen clit couldn't hide how horny she really was. She went right to work on our cocks. We repaid her by shoving both of our cocks in at the same time! Ho-ho-ho watch us blow!
12-10-2019 - Frankie was holding her racket and tennis balls when we found her at the courts. But with one of our backhanded stories, she was soon holding our balls! She's always played singles, but we're going to show her how much fun a sweaty game of doubles can be!! Don't miss this MILF 'open' event...
12-10-2019 - Fashion conscious Lana was a sexy asian with an ass ripe for fucking! A few lies later and our boy was eating poon sushi raw, and after he unleashed his 50 foot monster she got her first anal invasion! Watch this gorgeous slut get her tight hole stretched wide in this one!
12-10-2019 - After Bernadeta gave us a cute little strip tease and dick tease we put her sweet cake's up on the chopping block. At first we dipped our stick in her honey pot but it just wasn't sweet enough so we munched her muffin until we'd turned it into a cream pie.
12-10-2019 - 19 year old Mandy came over to help Lexi try on some new clothes. Little did she know that she was about to be fucked into the next day by these two experienced seducers. A shopping trip with these two always ends with fun for everyone.
12-10-2019 - This sexy MILF had some huge ass boobs!! We knew we needed to get her back to the pad so we could fuck those huge fun bags. We left Penny with a beat up pussy and a face full of MILFseeker cum!!
12-10-2019 - A sweet loner sits in a dark alley waiting for Prince Charming to cavort on by. She's doesn't get him, but she does get a hunky hoodlum with a lump of cash and something else in his jeans. After accepting a five spot, she decides a mouthful of trouser trout will cure her case of the lonesome blues. At least she didn't have to dumpster dive to get get her mitts on this poke fish!
12-10-2019 - Kinzy was in a financial hole stuck in a dead-end job making $100 a week before we came along and "rescued her". Now Kinzy has the the chance to make big bucks but she'll need to ride the double-decker beef bus in order to get there! Was it really worth it in the end?
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